Raymond in West Village

Posted by chris 
Re: Raymond in West Village
November 09, 2011 07:32PM
Oh...and there's no tape or lead taped to his thumb. I promise. He uses a marker and it's in his hand. He does use an easel, but he also had it flat down on the table sometimes. He wrote something down, asked me a question, and showed me the paper that was already written on with the answer... my mom's name, dad's name, etc. He did get some wrong, but had the right idea.

Overskeptics are sometimes just as bad as phony psychics on the opposite spectrum. They take everything soooo seriously. Have fun and take with his reading what you will. Skeptics don't understand that sometimes the phony psychics make people feel better and give ppl hope...even if it's for a short while. Who cares. If a person has the money, they can spend it how they choose. Not all psychics are phonies. Not all skeptics are right.
Re: Raymond in West Village
November 10, 2011 02:25AM
I am looking for Raymonds number. I can't find his card. I was there a few years ago and I would like to go back. If you can e-mail it to me I would really appreciate it.
Re: Raymond in West Village
December 12, 2011 08:45PM
I have never, ever in all my life been treated in such a rude manner. I and a friend of mine had made two appts back to back. The day of the appt she was not able to make it, so I called Ray at about 3pm on the day of the appts (our appts were for 8:30-9:00pm) to let him know that only I was going to be able to make it. All he said to me was, "you had two appts so you need to pay for two appts when you get here". I was a bit taken back by his abruptness, and I explained that I was trying to get someone else to fill the other appt, but was unable, he just said "you made two appts, so when you get here you need to pay for two appts". I explained even further, that I did not have $180.00 to pay for TWO appts and why shhould I pay for her, when she was sick and could not come, he basically yelled and said "that's our policy" and hung up on me. Seriously ?!?!? He needs to get a grip and I will have NO problem telling everyone I know, to NOT go to him, just for that reason alone. PS: I have gone to him in the past, and he is very, very good, but this just put a whole different spin on it. Rudeness will get you no where,
Re: Raymond in West Village
January 20, 2012 03:28AM
Hi, I was wondering if you would be so helpful to me by giving me his number. It would help me so much and my family if you were to help me w this.
Thank you,
Re: Raymond in West Village
January 20, 2012 03:33AM
Hi there, it would be of great help to me and my family if you can give me Raymond's phone.
Thank you,
Re: Raymond in West Village
January 20, 2012 10:43AM
(718) 256-1514
Re: Raymond in West Village
January 25, 2012 04:54PM
I went to see Raymond back in Dec. 2010. I have always been skeptic about "psychics" but Raymond is the real deal. He told me things that a fake would not have been able to tell me. I have been to psychics before and they are very general. Yes it is pricey, but its not timed. I paid $90 and i was with him for about an hour. MY friend who came with me, paid the same amount but was only with him for half the time. So if you get a good reading, you will get your money's worth. He said that i had a white ora, and I said what does that mean? HE said that you have an angel with you at all times. Which he pin pointed was my father because that was the first person he spoke about. As he was talking he was writing down notes, and asked when did he pass away? I said he was 42 when he died going on 43. He showed me his pad and he wrote 43. I said he had lung cancer, and he was a very heavy smoker. Raymond said-it wasn't the ciggs, he had very bad lungs to begin with. We were asked to bring pictures of loved ones, and of course I brought pictures of my mom, and sister and now Fiance. He also mentioned how I would be working in the law field but not as a lawyer, and I said Im actually going to court reporting school (aka Stenography). Raymond also said if im right, you will have a 2013 wedding, your boyfriend (thats what he was at the time) loves you more than you know. he can be cold, but don't ever think he will stray, or have eyes for anyone else but you-so stop being so jealous! i can see it written all over your face. AND then he yelled, and why is he taking so long to get into modeling!" My jaw dropped bc he is trying to get a portfolio together to get into modeling. And on top of that we have a wedding date set for Sept. 14, 2013, and he said don't come back to see me until after the wedding. If he was one of those psychics that just looks to make money, why would he tell me to come back in 3 years? Ive been to other psychis and have never been told the information i was given by Raymond and on top of that, they tell me, i wanna see you back here in 4 or 6months and of course i never went back, because anytime i went i was always with a friend and we were given the same reading. With Raymond- you get the real deal. He is definitely gifted, and i can't wait to go back next year and tell him all about the wedding!
Re: Raymond in West Village
March 20, 2012 07:37PM
I went to him having only a couple questions and without even asking he awnsered them ALL. He is amazing! It dosent matter how much time he spends with you its the feeling of relief. I walked out of there sooooooo happy to have some awnsers awnsered.
Re: Raymond in West Village
May 10, 2012 01:54AM
I went to see Raymond twice eons ago, when I worked in Manhattan. The first time I literally had so much fun. The first thing he said to me without me even greeting him was "girl, you are so good, if I were not gay myself I would marry you", well needless to say the session thereafter I had a blast. He said a lot of true things about me, my family and friends. A couple of things he was off on, but I really did not care. He was so entertaining. He told me not to come back for another 2 to 3 years, well I could not wait, and went back in only 6 months. He actually remembered me, and asked me why I came back so soon. I am due to go to him again after so many years. He never says anything negative, he always stays on a positive note. I heard he works with the Police Department on cases, so if cops you can be hard broiled work with him, who is to be skeptical? I would say go with an open mind, and be prepared to laugh your you know what off!!
Pre-Session Journal
May 30, 2012 01:44AM
Before I get into the who, what, when, where, and why I'm visiting Raymon let me say that I have not had a session with him and am cataloging my experiences before and after.

A little about me first. I am 21, Male, student pursuing a B.A. in Social Studies, and have plans to join the military in the future. Personality wise I am open minded (which is how I even came to know of Raymond), have a sense of humor, and somewhat lazy but not unintelligent. My interests include staying in shape, being outdoors, spending time with friends, etc. Overall a well-rounded guy.

What led me to Raymond was my Therapist. Now before you go wondering why I go or why I even volunteer information that can be incriminating to my character let me assure you it is due to no serious issues. My statement here is meant to be anonymous and helpful but for that to be I must be honest. The reasons why I go to therapy is to improve myself by gradually controlling bad habits such as procrastination, apathetic behavior, and so on. Also to help myself better communicate with my immediate family members. You see I come from a divocred family which goes without saying has affected us all in some capacity. This I feel is very beneficial for me having an unbiased professional within the field of Psychology to give me constructive neutral feedback and help guide me towards answers rather than just hand me them. So when there were some pressing questions that came up such as what to do as far as my major, career, and relationships he pointed my in Raymond's direction.

So when I had the chance I called up Raymond to have his assistant, or husband as I've come to find out, to set up an appointment for July. However, plans for me changed and as luck would have it I called today and was able to catch an appointment that just opened up in the very near future.

I understand the process and how it all works. Come with $100 cash and bring photos of people and questions to ask. To be honest I can't help but feel fear for the answers I might find. What if the military wasn't for me? Or the girls in question that could be my potential significant other. Future consequences for past actions. Or death that could be looming over one of my family or friends. The answers that lie ahead scare me and that I cannot deny. Maybe it is just anxiety mixed with excitment. You have to understand that existential thoughts such as philosophy and religion can be overwhelming at times and this is no exception. Someone that could help guide me to unlock and reach past my potential. The whole idea of it is a mixed bag of emotions.

Not sure if I will bring a friend along as I don't have many that I can trust to morally support me in this endeavor. If you anyone wants to throw there two cents in please do. But for now I'll try to level myself and get ready for what's to come. As soon as I can I will come back and let you all know how this turns out.
Re: Raymond in West Village
June 03, 2012 05:08AM
LisaG Wrote:
> I went to Raymond in 1972. He told me that I
> would marry the man who just left the room. I
> only knew him for weeks and was not that
> interested, so I laughed. I married that man in
> 1974 and we have been married now for 36 years.

How can that be possible when he is only in his mid twenties... he wouldn't have been born in 1972! hmmm....
Re: Raymond in West Village
July 08, 2012 01:50AM
I went to Raynmond about 20 years ago. As soon as I walked in he said to me, "I see G's in your eyes, your full of G's" My sons name started with a G so I thought that was it. He said nope your surrounded by G's. Now my boyfriends name and my son and the child I am legal guardian of all start with G. He also wrote down a name and told me to take his picture out of my pocket. At the time I was having an affair. He told me, have fun, enjoy but he's not a keeper. So I did, and he was right!

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