Raymond in West Village

Posted by chris 
Re: Raymond in West Village
July 09, 2012 08:57AM

My friend went to him and said he wasn't very great. I host a psychic circle in NYC. Its only 35 bucks and the psychic mediums are great! Check us out!
Re: Raymond in West Village
July 24, 2012 10:47AM
I went to see Raymond last week. As a guy, I've got to say I was completely entertained.

I walked into his beautiful apartment on Grove Street in the West village. It's a step down apartment, with a large HD television. His husband/boyfriend greets you, and sits on the upper level, with a string of four laptops at his disposal. I was there with another guy just waiting.

On the loft side, I could overheard Raymond's voice talking to a woman. It was very mysterious. I had the feeling that I was going to meet the Wizard of Oz. I even told his husband that and he laughed and said he gets that a lot. Nice guy.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, the guy that went before me comes down, and I go up. I walk in, and there is a little man, with a goatee, that sits behind a desk. He looks very meticulous and studies almost every motion as you approach. He started to scribble on some note pads on a dais, as I walked in.

It started off by him asking me my full name and where I was from. He bonded because we're both Italian and from Brooklyn. (He's from Dyker Heights) He had about five note pads in front of him that he kept switch out. He also had a lit capri cigarette that he occasionally smoked, and kept on the side of the desk, no ashtray. The scent wasn't a bother at all.

Anyway, we get into it. He asked me what I did. And he did guess that I did a lot of things. He said something with restaurants and Real Estate. I was suprised. He showed me what he wrote "RESTARUANT" and "RE" on the pad, which I thought was a little gimmicky, and somewhat unreadable, but he guess right. He told me that my eyes were flickering, that for the rest of my life I would have my fingers in a lot of pies. That I wont be tied down to just one thing, and constantly doing something. He said I get bored very easily of my jobs, and of my women.

Then he brought up the Ex-girlfriend, which luckily I had one picture left of her on my phone at the time. He saw it, and asked if I was still upset over the break up. I responded a little, to which he retorted "Why, you did nothing wrong. Nice girl, but all she cares about it me me me me and the only opinion that matters is her own. (He got that one 1000% right.) He also followed it up with that if I had married her, I would've ruined my life. (A lot of friends have told me that previously, and I was a little amazed that he would say that.) He told me she was a nice girl, but not for me. He also asked "Momma and Papa didn't like her, did they?" To which, I responded, correct.

He also predicted that within the next three years, I would meet a petite brunette latina woman, with dark hair and dark eyes. He didn't say if I would marry her, but he did say bring her there so he can check her out.

Then he got down to my family. He studied photos of my mother and father, and sisters and brothers. He got all of their personalities EXACTLY CORRECT. It's amazing. Especially my youngest brother, he got him down to a tee.

Towards the end, he told me that I have two alements, non fatal. The first one he said was to watch out for my KNEE. (This is where he really got me. I don't walk with a limp and I always had problems with my left knee.) He couldn't see the other one, but said it was non-fatal so I didn't press it further.

Overall, a highly entertaining fun experience. I would go back in the three years that he told me, and I would do it again. I recommend him to anyone looking for a good time and perhaps a glimpse into your future. Make sure you bring pictures of your loved ones and anyone you want to know about, but with their eyes showing. No sunglasses. He says he needs to see the eyes in order to predict. The writing on the pads felt like a gimmick, but it was when he just puffed on his cigarette and talked to me, that I was really impressed with him.
Re: Raymond in West Village
October 13, 2012 10:20AM
I went to see Raymond o 10/12 and as always, he is very entertaining. Raymond and I know some of the same people so there was some small talk too. As things unfold, I will continue to post periodic updates. For the most part, he offered his insights to questions I asked and many of his predictions, he seems very sure about. Hopefully, the good news he predicted will come to be but let's wait and see.

At first he said to me my eyes were doing all the talking tonight and he hit a few things right on the head as my mothers name and that he saw her walking in some kind of weird shoe in the house. The weird shoe is a walking boot because she just broke a bone in her foot (right on)...His second prediction was about my career which he said was that I am currently at my company for 17 months (which he saw 18 months) still not bad....He proceeded to predict that by March 2013, a good shift is coming my way and that I will be there for at least another 2 1/2 years.

He predicted that another great opportunity will come my way and I will take it because in his eyes, the opportunities that come to us are the best ones....He predicted that my niece has Doctor written all over her face and for me to tell my sister she is brilliant and she'll be a doctor. Funny because she wants to become a Medical Examiner and she will be very successful.
Re: Raymond in West Village
December 20, 2012 08:58PM
Hey I was wondering if you could send me ray's contact infor as well! My email is cew0015@yahoo.com
Re: Raymond in West Village
February 12, 2013 02:21PM
well i MUST say this man knows 100% about you, weather he shows/tells is up to him, maybe you.
he seen 8 years into my life, number of kids-getting divorced-getting my job, down to the month/week, and how my office was looking!!-to problems and gaining solid again. ALSO seen a few pics and how there lifes would do=100%,
RAY is REAL! be nice and friendly and he might give you more=?
i went to ray a few years back, and am going back in march. i read some of the posts written, and have a completely different response. He was sitting at a table and DID speak before i sat, with FACTS about me. He also wasn't rude or mean, he was cool and focused. Ray told me factual responses and was right=100% with me, and my wife/family/friends. he didn't smell, or was he playing games, he was fun, but real.
He did scribble on a pad, with the RIGHT answers, BEFORE i said! Ray also knows more then he said i felt,BUT he was 1000% worth the $$
i am looking 1000% to going back next month. SO forget alll those neg posts, its like a restaurant blog, there are always some who aren't fit for being around others, even if there helped/served!
P.S OH, u must keep hitting redial every 2 seconds, on tue's after 5pm if you want to get through! tue nights, are the night for making appt's.=718-256-1514.
go and believe! ;] he is cool.
Re: Raymond in West Village
April 23, 2013 01:00PM
Hi, I got an appointment with Raymond, but it\'s at 930 pm at night! Was just concerned if it\\\'s normal for him ot have readings so late and if it\'s safe. My friends freaked me out about it being late and all. So thought would get opinions from ppl who have been to him before.

Re: Raymond in West Village
April 24, 2013 01:07PM
No Worries. He is right off west 4th Street. I\'ve been to his place which is quiite nice in an Adams Family kind of waysmiling smiley He\"s been in bussiness for many years....never heard of anything creepy. FYI he does smoke....

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Re: Raymond in West Village
May 28, 2013 03:23PM
Hello All,

Can someone please provide me with Raymond\\\'s phone #? I went to see him approx 10 years ago and he was great! Would like to re-visit..

Thank you, very much appreciated!
Re: Raymond in West Village
September 24, 2013 08:14AM
I am sad to say that Raymond passed away last week. I went to him years ago and found him to be charming and funny and also very accurate. I was looking forward to seeing him ago so am so sorry to know of his passing. Rest in peace.
I am devastated to read the last post! I hope it is just a rumor and not true bc I was looking forward to going back to him in a few years.

My question for anyone who has seen Raymond is regarding timing of his predictions coming true.

I saw him about 2.5 years ago and everything has been beyond accurate for predictions that have come forward now. Before I even sat down he told me that I had designer eyes but a marketing ora and that my next job would be in marketing - which it currently is. He correctly described all my family members, their personalities, careers and even their quirks. He predicted that a two good friends of mine who had been dating for over 6 years would "not make it to the alter" something I would have never have seen not happening but they have since broken up. He also refused to speak about my grandmother who died a few months later because he "does not talk about dark things" something he would have never known from the photo I showed him. When it came to past loves he told me that I had to let an old boyfriend go emotionally and I since have and he is now happily married with a kid (which I am happy about). These are just a few of the many things he got correct but he also did make predictions for my life that have not come true yet and I am worried that they won't because I really wanted them to.

The first is that he said that my brother would "beat me down the isle" and marry a girl he has been off and on with for years (he correctly guessed her name which amazed me) - this has not come true yet but I hope it does. More importantly he told me that I would marry my then boyfriend. He was so admit about it he would not stop talking about him and spent at least 15 minutes raving about our wedding, children, life ect. We have since gone on a break/broke up a little over a month ago. I am hoping that his prediction for who I would marry is true and my ex and I work things out but have other people who have seen Raymond had an experience where his predictions have eventually come true even if it is not smooth sailing all the way?

Would love to hear about the other experiences and hope that things work them selves out and he was accurate about what is in store for me.
The Best Psychic that I, my friends, ever went to passed away last month. I just found out. I have been going to Raymond Pero (Raymond Petrocelli) for 15 years. He was much more than a dear friend. His readings have helped me numerous times not only achieve success, but to help me avoid many financial pitfalls. I will sorely miss him. His hyper, animated humorous ways. His humbleness. He would even smoke during our sessions. Usually this would infuriate me, but Ray's kindness, you had to love Raymond.

In his last year, my cousin, who was distraught and experiencing some severe health problems. She was physically and emotionally abused as a child and now in an abusive relationship. I suggested and she went to Raymond. She said, Raymond looked at her very concerned, she could see him tearing up, and begged her before he did her reading, please make an appointment to this gentlemen. Ray sent her to see a Professor Petrocelli. I had no idea at the time he was Raymond's cousin. Ray never talked about his own family members.

Lou Ann saw Raymond's cousin, prof john, and said she had the most amazing experience of her life. He does some sort of interactive hypnotherapy. She said she cried for hours, The whole family has seen the results. She's healthier, more assertive, she looks younger. Now, I haven't seen him yet, he was very booked up when I called. But I will in the future. When I asked Raymond, he told me his cousin had different beliefs. He was gifted in changing one's future but would never tell you what he originally saw. Maybe if the two of them weren't so stubborn and worked on each other, Raymond would still be here, because neither of them would work on family members.

I've been to plenty of psychics, none were even as remotely accurate, I would like to pay my respects to Raymond's long term partner. I will miss the anticipation of visiting the homey Greenwich Village apartment and getting all worked up about what he might reveal.

Although Raymond had achieved an underground fame, known from coast to coast, he shied away from media recognition. His gift was truly amazing. RIP dear Raymond.

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