Comedy Clubs NYC

Posted by nancy 
Comedy Clubs NYC
January 04, 2009 09:22PM
We are planning another trip to NYC and always passed over a trip to the Comedy Clubs because we thought it was to pricy.....What is the cost of the 2 Drink Min..?...and what club or clubs would you recommend in NYC...Thanks
Re: Comedy Clubs NYC
January 04, 2009 11:30PM
i am not a new yorker, but i do visit the amazing city quite often.
one of my favorite parts of visiting NYC is going to the comedy clubs. my favorite place is CAROLINE'S. they are located pretty much right in times square.
i have also been to Dangerfield's, not a bad place. but for all clubs it all really matters who the comics are. sometimes you get a good show, sometimes ya don't. but if you stick to the bigger name comedy clubs you most likely will have a great time.
if you walk thru times square there are usually people offering a free comedy show. i have done that once and it was in this tiny dive basement with like 25 people there and the comics were pretty bad. (but hey... everyone has to start somewhere).
as for the 2 drink minimums yeh it kinda gets very expensive. last time i went to Caroline's it was a 2 drink minimum at $6 a pop. and i don't drink so that's what it cost me for 2 small ginger ales. but i had a good time at the show. so it was worth it. i do try NOT to order food at the comedy clubs tho because that is CRAZY expensive, and the food is never all that great. Caroline's also has a restaurant where you can eat dinner before the show.
i hope this helps you out somewhat.....
Re: Comedy Clubs NYC
September 08, 2009 04:04PM
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