5 Pointz - help KM

Posted by Salsa 
5 Pointz - help KM
May 02, 2007 06:12PM
KM, are you familiar with this building? My guess is it is in/near Chinatown. Our son heard about it and wants to see it. Wondering if he went alone during the day that it would be an ok place to photograph. He wants to look at the styles to incorporate into his artwork. When we went to S.F. and looked in the Mission District at all the graffiti it really impacted his art. He just had a show yesterday at school. I was amazed how big the difference is.

Being the artist you are I thought you might be familiar.

Re: 5 Pointz - help KM
May 02, 2007 06:59PM
Hi Salsa,
It looks like the building I pass every day on the 7 train in Long Island City. It's right across the street from PS1 Your seeing just a small section in sleeping fish. The roof top is wild 10,000 square ft every inch filled with graffiti. The building is home to studio artists and sweat shops. Is your son here in the city? I'd be happy to show him around...

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KT(aka Karen, Daisiegee.....)
Re: 5 Pointz - help KM
May 03, 2007 01:09AM
Salsa---some friends of mine went to 5Pointz when we were all in the city in January. He's a fabulous photographer, and I'm attaching a link to his site so you and Alex can see his images from there.


Here's a link to the building with full directions--

Re: 5 Pointz - help KM
May 03, 2007 10:37AM
Thanks Kazza! Alex will love looking at Steve's photos.

KM, I just finalized our trip. It will be Alex, Joe, and I. We will be staying across from where Kazza & David stay. Jack's other place I guess you would call it. June 14 -19. Alex wants as much time doing his own thing as possible, and I am sure some time with you, another artist would be right up there. I will email you his latest batch of art. He just had a show at school and I took photos last night. Look forward to seeing you all SOON!!!

Maybe we can plan to all hook up,including RED, Mrs. RED and baby red.

Tops on my list is Jackson Heights to look at food, and eat some too tongue sticking out smiley
KT(aka Karen, Daisiegee.....)
Re: 5 Pointz - help KM
May 03, 2007 01:33PM
Oh what I wouldn't give to be in the city the same time.
Re: 5 Pointz - help KM
May 03, 2007 02:05PM
I know exactly how you feel sad smiley, I was that way in January. One day we will coordinate it. Sept 2008 maybe drinking smiley
Re: 5 Pointz - help KM
August 11, 2009 05:40PM
There actually repainting the building. I was told so they can start fresh....

Re: 5 Pointz - help KM
April 18, 2011 10:49AM
Street Art Mecca Five Pointz To Be Demolished


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