area around columbia university

Posted by wellie 
area around columbia university
July 19, 2005 04:22PM
hey all!
i was just curious as to how safe the area 5-10 surrounding columbia university tends to be. is the neighborhood suitable for apartment hunting? i realize it's harlem, and everyone knows its rep, but i know the city is making a lot of supposed 'improvements' (aka gentrification). i would really appreciate some insider info, as i'm searching from out of state and just want to be sure that i'm not getting myself into something unsafe. thanks so much!
Re: area around columbia university
July 19, 2005 04:40PM
A lot of the area ISN'T Harlem. It's Morningside Heights, which is basically a university campus and safe as houses. Stay west of Morningside Avenue, north of 110th Street and south of 125th Street, and you won't be in Harlem at all.
thanks red! that answers my question perfectly. you actually settled a debate with a friend as well, as i thought it was morningside, and she said it was west harlem. the specific place to which we were referring is on W 116th - which does fall within morningside heights boundaries, right?
Re: area around columbia university
July 19, 2005 05:27PM
Not necessarily. If it's WEST of morningside avenue, it's Morningside Heights. If it's between Morningside and Fifth Avenues, it's West Harlem.

Morningside Avenue is a steep, 150-foot hill which basically walls off Morningside Heights from Harlem.
Re: area around columbia university
July 19, 2005 07:10PM
Just thought I would put my say in here. I live in Morningside and I really like it. It is a very safe area and there are lots of things on Broadway and Amsterdam. I would say definitely move there. It is just like Upper West Side w/o the higher UWS rents. The old South of 96th street only being safe is no longer the norm! smiling smiley
thank you both so much for your help - i called on a place today, and i think it's gonna work out! smiling smiley
Re: area around columbia university
July 22, 2005 07:30PM
I agree with everything said before except you don't have to limit your search to north of 110 Street. 96 Street to 110 Street, west of Broadway is just fine.
Re: area around columbia university
August 17, 2005 02:50PM
I lived in that area for three years in the mid 1990's and never had a problem. Lived on 100th and walked up to Columbia most days. Cool neighborhood.
Re: area around columbia university
August 18, 2005 12:39AM
I completely agree with most things said here. There are a few clarifications to be made. Morningside Heights is a part of West Harlem and most definitely a part of Harlem. It is nothing to be embarassed about. When you have an opportunity to explore, it is a charming neighborhood. Harlem is a big place, but the boundaries given are incorrect. Harlem runs between 110 and 158th street east to west. It is further divided in sections within that, because it is the largest area in Manhattan (i.e. west harlem, morningside heights, north manhattan valley, central harlem, east harlem, sugar hill, etc). Safety and demographic vary by area
Re: area around columbia university
August 18, 2005 12:43AM
Alanna, do you have a documentary source for that? I lived in Morningside Heights for two years, and in that part of town, Harlem now starts at 124th Street.
Re: area around columbia university
August 18, 2005 05:37AM
There are no "official" neighborhood designations in Manhattan. The bounderies are a bit fuzzy and sometimes they change names. Not that long ago there was no Soho, no Tribeca, etc. Relative to the area in question, as long as I can remember the area from 110 Street to about 125 Street, west of Morningside Park has been called Morningside Heights. I don't believe that people who live there think they live in Harlem but as was stated there is nothing wrong with that.
Re: area around columbia university
September 08, 2005 05:38PM
I'm glad I found this. I have a group of ladies coming to NYC from all over the US and Canada. We're looking at a rental at 113th and 7th. Can you all tell me a bit about the area? Safety? Things to do?

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