Why are New Yorkers so rude?

Posted by Fred 
Why are New Yorkers so rude?
August 24, 2003 02:28PM
Why are New Yorkers so rude?

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Re: rudeness
August 24, 2003 02:43PM
I know a new yorker. who is the most passionate and tender person in this world and I love him! So maybe you just haven't met many...
Re: rudeness
August 24, 2003 05:16PM
I don't think most new yorkers are rude at all, quite the opposite.
what particular experience with "rude" new yorkers do you have?
I'm sure it was a fluke!
Re: rudeness
August 24, 2003 06:53PM
As a southerner who just spent a year in the northeast my obervations are that people in the northeast are simply more direct and honest. In the south we tend to sugar coat things so that it still sounds nice. For example...we'll say "She just chose the wrong dress for her shape, bless her heart." (EVERYTHING is better if you add "Bless her heart" at the beginning or end. smiling smiley ) But in the northeast people would simply say "That dress does not look good on her. In addition, the hurried lifestyle in New York is because people are inconsiderate and only care about themselves. But I never met a New Yorker who I thought was actually purposely rude. I had many people help me with directions, subway routes, and luggage difficulties. The attitude isn't rudeness...Its just a difference in approach.
Re: rudeness
August 26, 2003 10:07AM
On a recent trip to NY I met a handful of rude people. They were mostly shop assistants with an unfortunate knack of making 'Thank You' feel more like 'Screw You', especially one young 'madam' in the 'Century 21' shoe shop and certain staff at the Ford Centre for Performing Arts - not a great start when you've paid hundreds of Dollars for a show!

Having said that, on the whole people were friendly and pleasant and we had a fab time. You can find rude people anywhere in the world!
Re: rudeness
August 26, 2003 10:44AM
It's an absolutely asinine gereralization.
Re: rudeness
August 27, 2003 10:21PM
While New Yorkers do have a reputation to be rude, mabye you just haven't met the nice ones. I have family from New York, and they are ,well , kinda rude. But I ,also have some friends in New York who are nice. I just think people in New York are use to being a little more honest about things, which could be good... in some cases...
Re: rudeness
August 28, 2003 07:00AM
Because of questions such as yours which are a waste of breath. Gereralizations are stupid.
Re: rudeness
August 28, 2003 09:35AM
I just spent 4 days in New York with my family and only the store owners and employees to be rude. New Yorker walking on the street are not. I kids asked me how come the people who work and own the stores followed them like they were afraid they were going to steal all the time. I talked to every one on the street, my kids were surprised because I don't stop and talk to prople in Boston that way, and I live here.
Re: rudeness
August 28, 2003 11:07AM
If you can answer this question you will have the answer to your question: why is anyone in the world ever rude?
Re: rudeness
August 30, 2003 10:26AM
You are absolutely right, what people do not understand is that part of it is just mathematical. When you have 10+ million people walking around youre more than likely going to come into contact with alot more people and many rude people, and unfortuneatly the rude ones are going to be the ones that stand out even though there were probably many more nice people that you came into contact with as well. I have yet to visit NYC, although I am going this fall, but I will tell you this I have done my fair share of travelling and I personally have not seen rudeness anywhere like I have when I have visited the so-called deep south that is supposed to be full of Southern hospitality and Southern charm. Just go down to Georgia or Mississippi for a week and you'll gain a whole new perspective on rudeness!
Re: rudeness
August 30, 2003 04:26PM
you know, I find that many many store clerks and employees are terribly rude and unhelpful as well, but other than them, I come across very few outright rude people here in NYC.

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