Ask a New York Exterminator Bed Bug Expert

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Ask a New York Exterminator Bed Bug Expert
November 17, 2008 05:07PM
Stern Environmental Kills Bed bugs!!!
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April 9th, 2008
What Hotel Managers Need to Know About Bed Bugs
Yesterday’s post chronicled the woes of the Milford Plaza in Manhattan which is being sued by an unhappy couple who got nibbled on by bed bugs during their stay...


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Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
November 17, 2008 05:17PM
This is the quintessential extermination bloghot smiley stamping out those pest!smiling smiley killing bed bugs!!!


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Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
November 17, 2008 06:16PM
Birth Control for NJ and NYC Squirrels?
Birth control for NJ and NYC squirrels would be great news for some NJ and NYC residents. They can be a nuisance and some areas are just overcrowded with squirrels. The University of California-Davis wildlife faculty are going to offer, well perhaps give, birth control to the squirrels frolicking on campus. They estimate the squirrel population has grown by more than 400 during the last seven years. How do they know that?

The squirrels will be captured and given hormones which will stop them from reproducing. No news regarding if some squirrel loving organization will be protesting the critters getting birth control without the squirrels giving their consent.

I once read that a male squirrel with amorous feelings will chase a female squirrel for five days. The article didn’t mention if a person actually followed the pair 24 hours a day for five days (perhaps a team of people) or a collection of video cameras were utilized. It seems to be an odd study but perhaps somebody got bored and wanted something to do.

Call a NJ, NYC wild animal control professional for squirrels and other wildlife problems.
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
November 18, 2008 11:58PM
Hey, It Bit Me!
Personally, I love animals, both wild and domestic. I would not hesitate to help an animal in need and have done so on many occasions. One has to wonder at times what you should do if you encounter an injured wild animal.

Case if point is a British children’s author who has a soft spot for a particularly delightful, yet medically needy, squirrel. Upon discovering an injured red squirrel that he soon nicknamed “Elvis the Pelvis”, he jumped into action, nursing the critter back to good health. Wild animals are just that…wild. It is hard to predict what their next course of action will be. After nursing the injured squirrel for a short time, the squirrel paid back his rescuer by taking a couple of bites out of his hands. It is amazing how sharp a squirrel’s teeth are. If they can crack a nut, they can surely crack a finger bone. No hard feelings though, the squirrel is now residing elsewhere.

Many states have laws against housing and nursing wild animals back to health. There are specific Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialists throughout the country who are more than willing to take injured animals off your hands. Bites are not the only obstacles that you need to worry about. Rabies is still on the rise in the US and should always be a main concern with dealing with any wildlife.

Call a NJ, NYC wild animal control professional for squirrels and other wildlife problems
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
November 20, 2008 02:59PM
Who’s Coming Home For Thanksgiving Dinner?

With Thanksgiving arriving next week, college students are excited about returning home for some much needed rest, relaxation and great home cooking. Parents are looking forward to having their students return home, but should be on the lookout for some additional uninvited guests to tag along with them. Hungry human friends are not the worry, bed bugs are.

Colleges in New York and throughout the United States have been plagued by bed bugs this year. Dormitories, off campus housing, and Fraternity and Sorority houses all provide wonderful breeding grounds for the pesky bugs.

With so many students coming from so many locations, it is not surprising that bed bugs have infiltrated colleges. Each student returning home should take precautions before they depart, so that they do not spread the bugs to their families. Students should be sure to check their surroundings (mattresses, bed frames, furniture, walls, cracks etc.) before they come home to make sure they are bed bug free.

If there is any question as to if your child has encountered bed bugs while away at school, you should take immediate action. Launder all clothing immediately in hot water. Dry all clothing on a hot dryer setting for at lest 20 minutes. Keep in mind that water does not kill bed bugs, but heat does. Any other belongings that cannot we washed should be vacuumed and placed in a sealed trash bag for two weeks.

Parents should consider sending a bed bug proof mattress cover back to school with their children. This special mattress cover will help protect the mattress from being infested as well as suffocate any bed bugs and their eggs that might currently be living on or in the mattress.
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
November 24, 2008 03:35PM
NJ, NYC Bed Bugs, Landlords and Irresponsible Tenants
Landlords with NJ and NYC bed bugs infested apartment buildings could sure use some help from their tenants just like the landlord in Toronto who is being hit with bed bug lawsuits. The building’s property manager stated there has to be cooperation with the tenants. The tenants bring in used furniture which contain bed beds and the bed bugs are quite pleased with the opportunity to invade the rest of the apartment units. The property manager also complained that the tenants are not properly preparing their units for spraying. He mentioned they spray the building once a week but tenants continue to bring in dumped furniture and the bed bug problem comes back to the building. Perhaps these tenant should be sued instead of the landlord.

Tenants need to cooperate with NJ and NYC landlords in order to get rid of the bed bugs problem and to prevent the NJ, NYC landlords from going broke due to law suits. Landlords can also help the situation by having a NJ, NYC bed bugs expert hold a seminar for the tenants regarding how to do a proper bed bugs inspection and tips on how to prevent a bed bug infestation from occurring.

If you have bed bugs call a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to eliminate them
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
November 26, 2008 07:04PM
NYC Bans Consumers Use of Bug Bombs
NYC residents can no longer use bug bombs or foggers to eliminate insects or anything else. They have been banned by the state of New York. The banning occurred due to a report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention organization. The report claimed that from 2001-2006 there were 123 injury cases in New York due to bug bombs.

You now have to be a certified pesticide applicator to use a bug bomb. Since they probably won’t set one off for free bug bomb use now has an expensive price tag. For those who set them off simply to annoy their spouse this strategy will now involve a suspicious certified pest applicator.

The majority of the cases required no medical treatment. I am not aware of any NYC residents limbs being blown off or even an improperly placed hair piece flying off. Burning eyes, coughing and headaches were reported.

For those who have NYC bed bugs the bug foggers simply don’t work so don’t think your being deprived of a simple procedure for destroying the annoying critters. You might want to consider professionally applied Cryonite to eliminate NYC bed bugs. The product works by freezing them to death
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
November 29, 2008 08:10PM
November 28th, 2008
NJ, NYC Squirrels - How to Protect Your Flower Garden
NJ and NYC squirrels are already destroying next year’s flowers. Properly placed seedlings are being buried by those pesky NJ, NYC squirrels while they are digging for buried nuts. It can be very aggravating for NJ, NYC residents.

Some gardeners are having success in protecting their flowers and bulbs from squirrels by spraying potions such as crushed oyster shell, or a significant amount of cayenne powder on the surface of the soil.

Other gardeners have had success by creating squirrel diversions. Hey it works with little kids. NJ, NYC residents have installed squirrel feeders in their yards to divert the squirrels attention away from the flower areas of their property. Squirrels eat enough to fill their bellies and go and do something else such as chase other squirrels.

Some people by a bag of varmint food for the squirrel feeders. I don’t know if it comes with a tasty sauce. I don’t know how much it costs but it might help to persuade NJ, NYC squirrels to leave your bulbs alone. It should be noted that some squirrel feeders have, unfortunately attracted pigeons. It would be great if squirrels enjoyed digging up weeds instead of flowers and bulbs.

Call a NJ, NYC wild animal control expert if you are having problems with squirrels.
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
December 01, 2008 03:41PM
December 1st, 2008
NJ, NYC Bed Bugs and Apartment Building Lawsuits
Should residents of NJ and NYC apartment buildings sue their NJ, NYC landlords for being attacked by bed bugs? Let’s hope that other solutions are used. A lawsuit was recently filed in Cleveland by a law student who had been bitten by bed bugs in three different units in an upscale apartment building. He is seeking $142,000 in damages due to painful welts, emotional distress, compensation for rent and loss of property.

Did the plaintiff bring the bed bugs into the apartment building? Perhaps, but it’s difficult to know. Did an irresponsible tenant bring them in with used furniture or perhaps accidentally after sitting in a movie theater or some other venue? Perhaps but it’s difficult to know.

America is the most litigious country in the world. Nobody seems to want to say “oh well, tough break, I accidentally got bed bugs.” In cases where the landlord knew there were bed bugs but failed to act then it’s probably legitimate to toss a lawsuit at him. In this case, the landlord sued the tenant for unpaid rent and damages, then dropped the case. However the filing of the lawsuit caused the tenant to counter sue for the bed bug infestation. Bad decision by the apartment owner.

If you have bed bugs, call a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to eliminate them.
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
December 15, 2008 03:34PM
December 11th, 2008
Who Needs Mattress Encasements Anyways?
The answer to the question is, quite frankly, everyone. Whether you are currently in a battle against those dreaded bed bugs or not, mattress encasements are a smart choice.

Let’s face it; we humans spend a good amount of time in bed. Mattresses are very expensive and should last for many years. We work hard and deserve a good nights rest. Many people who have bed bugs do not know about mattress encasements and in frustration, throw out their mattresses to get rid of the pests. The bad news is, the mattress in only part of the problem and without total eradication of the bugs, new mattresses will be infested in record time.

A leading provider of mattress and box spring encasements has reported that over half of their sales in 2008 have gone to people who live in the New York City area. These covers are meant to be on your bed for life. No washing required. If you have bed bugs in the mattress, these amazing covers keep them in and kill them. The technology even prohibits the bugs from biting you through the fabric. If they have not infested your mattress or box spring yet, they will keep the bugs out. Either way, it is a win win situation for consumers.

Can you imagine what damage could be done to the bed bug populations in NYC if all of the hotels used these amazing encasements and hired a bed bug specialist?
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
December 30, 2008 03:40PM
December 30th, 2008
Can Bed Bugs Live In New Mattresses Too? Part I Of II

With the bed bug resurgence that has occurred in all 50 states, you must wonder if buying a new mattress could also buy you some trouble…bed bug trouble that is. Sadly, the answer is yes, new mattresses can be at risk too.

Did you ever wonder what happened to those used mattresses that you put out at the street for pick up? If you have not put it in the dump yourself (and maybe not even then), it is likely that someone in a van or truck has picked it up in wee hours of the morning. They are then brought to mattress companies who will rebuild and then resell to consumers. Buying reconditioned or rebuilt ones are definitely less expensive. Sales of used mattresses are booming all around the country. The bad thing is that you really never know what you are buying with previously owned mattresses unless you tear it open to see what is inside, which defeats the purpose of buying one in the first place.

Buying a new mattress can be a tricky matter for consumers. Buying new ones are expensive and you expect them to be clean and definitely bed bug free. Some mattress factories in the United States not only produce and sell new mattresses, they also refurbish and resell used mattresses. Many times, both types of mattresses sit side by side in warehouses just waiting to be shipped off to showroom floors. It should be noted that rebuilt mattresses must be tagged with a yellow tag stating that they are not new, but is that enough protection for consumers?

Please check back on Thursday to the conclusion to this post.
Re: Ask a New York Exterminator
January 10, 2009 03:16PM
January 7th, 2009
NYC Bed Bugs Legislation - Is it Strong Enough?
Hopefully 2009 will bring new legislation that will help NYC residents get rid of their unwanted house guests, the dreaded bed bugs.

What concerns me is the legislation that 14 NYC city council members were promoting late last year regarding bed bugs and the City Health Department is not a strong game plan. The only potentially really helpful part of the legislation was the idea to create a bed bug control training program for pest control providers and property owners. However, where is the money for this program. Will over 90% of apartment owners and their managing staff attend the bed bug training program? Will the bed bug trained apartment owners have meetings with tenants in order to train them in prevention and detection of bed bugs?

The legislation also calls for the NYC City Health Department to provide bed bug information on their website. What would be the rejoinder of most NYC residents to this ingenious tool in fighting bed bugs? Perhaps “You can’t be serious!” There is plenty of information all over the internet about bed bugs. That weapon probably has the bed bugs laughing. NYC city council members should look at some of the strong legislation being utilized in other cities.

NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control experts are ready to eliminate the critters for you.

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