Quantum Entanglement is pervasively known as The God Effect, it’s the synchronicity between spatially separated particles on an infinitesimally subatomic scale regardless of their distance. When entanglement occurs, there’s a correlation between their momentum, velocity and spin in their state of entanglement, and their speed in which information propagates between particles seem instantaneous, regardless of their fluctuation in space. An inseparable relationship first introduced by Erwin Schrodinger in 1935.

Space is just an illusional construct where subatomic particles or objects are perceived independent or separate from each other; However, experiments show there’s a close harmonious relationship between electrons, protons and other particles in spatial distance. I know I’m beginning to sound monotonous, but I’m actually reiterating the same phenomenon in different ways, but imagine spinning an electron and a distant electron simultaneously mimics the other as if there’s a physical connection.

It’s like the “Chameleon Effect” in psychology, where vocabulary, posture, mannerism, facial expression and all other physical orchestrations become a non-conscious mimicry between complete strangers; an immediate obligation to parity the behavior of your interactive partner, rather than offset the dialogue in your social environment.

A personality transition that seems pervasive amongst empathic individuals. I’ve encountered a myriad of scenarios where I’ve greeted someone with a polite “good evening!” and when asked, “how’s my day?” I replied with “splendid,” their motor behavior unintentionally matched to my behavior.

Indeed; we can analogically correlate the “Chameleon Effect” to “Quantum Entanglement;” ironically it’s already a metaphor attributed to the “Chameleon;” a lizard that changes its color during mating season to adapt to its environment and as a defense mechanism. The real objective of this paper is to bridge the gaps between quantum entanglement and the phenomenon of coincidences, and in doing so I hope to create a fictitious hypothetical scenario everyone can relate to.

A coincidence is the correlation between mutually exclusive scenarios, situations or events, one which seems arbitrary or conducive to a narrative. You envision a colleague and the phone rings concurrently, (colleague). You’re in the park reading a book on “Lepidoptera,” which is a branch of Biology that studies Moths and Butterflies.

While reading up on “transparent butterflies,” the enchanted glass-winged butterfly plunges to your lap. Its docile flaps of subtlety is but a subtle appreciated disturbance, you experience a euphoria that’s sublime while your mind appeases in a moment of solitude.

The butterfly’s translucent wings is an aesthetic rarity, a tropical gem that shimmers in the sunlight, and its exotic traits is an exhibition to watch. It’s an enchanting species that seduces you into a magical moment in time, and in the midst of your fleeting glimpse the butterfly is gone with the wind, as it prances sporadically into the cold desert air!

You pause! pantomiming in humility to the inexplicable phenomenon, while rendering complete servitude to its vulnerability and fragility. A sense of materialism distracts the moment and triggers you back into the automatism and monotony of life. The observation withers into the gaps of history, while the vague residue of an experience is murmured in social dialogues, or when someone shares a similar experience.

These phenomenal experiences can be attributed to an external divine intervention, pattern recognition, or the manifestation of thoughts, and although the myriad of variables or interpretations are conducive to ones subjective ideology and personal biases, there’s an undeniable correlation between quantum entanglement, the chameleon effect and coincidences.

There’s a symbiosis between the sequence of unrelated events, scenarios, subatomic particles and objects, and if there’s an underpinning law that governs the arbitrariness of thing, then there’s truly a dichotomy between the chaos vs narratives of life. A discourse we must ruminate with humility!

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  1. Savoir-Faire is everywhere

    Well said Sir. Quantum entanglement can open your eyes to the true state of reality. It is like seeing in color for the first time. Awe inspiring and humbling.


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