The NYPD union president lambasted Mayor Bill de Blasio in reaction to the broad daylight execution of two police officers. Patrick Lynch is the president of the “Patrolman Benevolent Association” (PBA), he said,


(There's blood on many hands tonight, and those that incited violence on this street under the guise of protest, that tried to tear down what New York City police officers did everyday....."We tried to warn it must not go on, it cannot be tolerated. That blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor).

Patrick Lynch is insinuating that Bill de Blasio’s incendiary anti-cop rhetoric incited the division between the police and the community, and subsequently predicated the murder of two police officers. Clearly the dichotomy precedes de Blasio’s statement; meaning, if there’s a discrepancy between the police provision of services and the publics experience, disparaging Bill de Blasio for supporting the protest and using anti-cop rhetoric is rogue and deviates from the imperative nature of a precipitating situation. Patrick Lynch have encapsulated three irony under his illogical belt, effortlessly, and not to mention his verbal debris scatters— fragments of fallacies.

Emphasizing; Patrick Lynch, is the president of “Patrolman Benevolent Association;” benevolent means, “well meaning and kind,” but his belligerence against Bill de Blasio is indeed ironic. Two; his metonymic use of the phrase, (that blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor), seems in stark contrast of what he’s opposing. Remember his initial contention was centered around de Blasio supporting the rallies and inciting a devision between the protesters and the police with anti-cop rhetoric? Now his lobbying criticism is inciting the NYPD against Bill de Blasio.

Police officers also turned their backs to Mayor de Blasio Saturday night in Woodhull Hospital, in defiance–complete insubordination of his authority. Also, petitions calling for the Mayors resignation on received over 50,000 signatures in response to the execution of the two police officers; Lynch anti-mayor rhetoric have persuasive repercussions and major political implications. Second irony, and the third irony is rather peculiar because it’s the synergy of the first and second irony, because of their concurrent intertwined nature; “benevolently-lambasting and reverse-rhetoric.”

Patrick Lynch and Bill de Blasio used equatable rhetorics, the only distinctions are, “who started it first,” which serves no precedence in the bigger spectrum of things. Lynch has chastised City Hall on numerous occasions, rivaling over contractual negotiations and binding arbitration etc—and his caustic metaphoric-euphemisms such as, “mopes” and “skells” are benevolently modest indeed!!! At 51-year-old he’s a prominent staple in the nations largest police union since 1999. Although “Eric Garner’s” death during a police officers fatal chokehold is a snippet of the bigger picture, the Staten Island grand jury’s decision to not indict the officer sparked the rallies.

The chained tandem of protest precedes back to Ferguson, and the domino-effect gradually promulgated wherever similar injustices protruded its head. The gunned down officers “Wenjian Liu” and “Rafael Ramos,” unified the Patrol Benevolent Association PBA; however, Patrick Lynch upcoming election challenge is in June; and although his objectives are centered around speaking on behalf of his union constituency, while ostracizing de Blasio for siding with the protesters, one cannot deny the political innuendos involved; “perseverance.” Bill de Blasio has had numerous discussions with his biracial son about avoidance and caution when dealing with police officers, and that’s a viable gesture to adolescence across all platforms–not anti-cop rhetoric.

Bill de Blasio incited anti-police campaign last year when he ran for the mayoral office, so in retrospect, that residue has lingered from the past to haunt him. This protagonist antagonist rivalry predates back to a myriad of political disparity between Lynch and de Blasio, subsequently foreshadowing every facet of what we’re seeing currently. Who will take on the prevalent role in this political script is truly a quandary.

Law enforcement that lacks accountability, and their improper and unacceptable behaviors should be culpably neglected from their duties, without any sense of impunity. However, police justices, impartiality, the eradication of crime-ridden environments, and the altruistic nature of some police officers are latent to the media, and usually fades into oblivion. New York City crime has historically cascaded in every category, from; larceny, homicide, robberies etc—surely some merits of credulity towards the NYPD is well deserved.

How can we disregard the idiosyncratic nature of the media, the primary perpetrators of impartial information, the largest elephant in the room. The prominent contenders in the charade of rhetorics, using mass communications such as; Television, Radio, Newspapers, Internet etc— Conspicuously aggregating and curating news of specificity to a niche audience is shenanigan. Knowingly, it’ll spark remonstration and partition the publics ambivalent subservience towards police officers. This is not insinuating the irrelevance of the information, but the media’s packaging of information into categories and sections can offset an impartial consensus.

The media plays an imperative role in the underlying rhetoric pervading these chains of rivalry between the police and communities. The problem is not politics or disparity in discourse, it’s ideology and ego; if these prominent figures would hold a press conference and ruminate these paramount subject matters nationally, debate these issues, broadcast it live, integrate the public as part of the discourse— the protest, rallies and other remonstration would halt instantaneously. Settling these issues don’t require a profound intellectual capacity, just a willingness to remove their self-esteem to create a resolution, before it exacerbate more casualties of innocence.

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