“Drift Light By Saffron,” is a company that designed a smart LED bulb to improve sleep, a light that’s indistinguishable from incandescent lights that imitates the sunset. Drift-light makers say the bulb avoids melatonin suppression, a hormone that induces sleep. Drift light-bulbs most unique characteristics is the dimming features over the course of 37 minutes, that mimics the average length of a sunset. The pineal gland is a small gland in the brain that produces a hormone called melatonin, a sleep moderator that dictates your sleep cycles.

Melatonin accelerates in the evening and most of the nights, and drops in the morning. Light and darkness affects this hormone in quite a peculiar way; However, this company designed a light emitting bulb that avoids melatonin suppression while mimicking the setting of the sun to induce sleep. A natural organic solution to insomnia, a demystified riddle I think the pharmaceutical drug companies would embrace wholeheartedly. (Chuckle Ostensibly)

Extracting metaphors in different forms of existence as an applicable problem solving tool has always been an intriguing phenomenon. Like the peculiarity of the colorful arch of a rainbow being contingent on a visible beam of light composed of spectrums of wavelengths entering the droplet or mist sphere, causing an internal reflection that refracts outward into a myriad of colors. The vast array of droplets are like transparent optical elements that disperses the beams of lights, reflecting the colors back to your eyes. The spherical shape of the raindrop causes the effect of light to be symmetrical.

I’m correlating the rainbow to the sunset because both are propagating metaphors in physics; the rainbow metaphor is contingent on three attributes; the sun, light and droplets, and of-course a variable of subordinated attributes. The smart LED bulb is contingent on the sunset, melatonin and sleep, and a myriad of smaller variables. But the key element is the cross-platforming of mutually exclusive disciplines, one we can attribute to metaphors, analogies, similes, metonymy and other sorts of aesthetic devices.

Here’s a recent paper i wrote on obscure metaphors in physics, Obscure Metaphors a conspicuous observation of smoke spiraling intermittently and permeating the air before dissipating; an arbitrary hand-gesture, exhalation and other physiological motions that precedes a governing law, yet the governing dynamics is forced within the boundaries of the laws of physics. And although smoke is a result of combustion, gas and airborne particles, it’s erratic behavior is conducive to incremental patterns that is deterministic.

Natural occurring processes in physics that propagates itself, one that’s genetically consistent, and I use “genetically,” metaphorically, to define the rainbows, sunset and smokes blueprint. Biological metaphors and analogies are far more pervasively used as a conceptual mapping across mutually exclusive domains; one reason might be zoology and it’s myriad of subfields, and the organismic ethological and biological processes in living things are a salient propagation. Metaphors are easily extracted; unlike the obscurity of some inorganic phenomenon in physics, to which might be contingent on patterns rather than processes. I’ve written multiple papers on logical, propagating, arbitrary, obscure, and other sorts of abstract concepts. Please visit my website below for more info….

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