Here’s a peculiar phenomenon to ponder on; a dog aligns itself to the north-south axis with the earths magnetic field while defecating; according to the Frontiers In Zoology.
The earths magnetic or geomagnetic field spans between the earths interior and the solar wind. Changes in the magnetic conditions can alter the dogs mood or state, meaning their polar-defecating position is contingent on a calm magnetic environment. A stability that last approximately 20 percent of daylight.

Magnetoreception deals with the detection of the earths magnetic field; a biological sense that allows organisms to perceive locations, navigate, and develop local and regional mappings. Recent studies showed that dogs are magneto-receptive, sensitive to magnetic fields. This magnetic field fluctuation sensory is quite pervasive in other animals; such as fish, birds and turtles all migrate under the influence of magnetic guidance.

Many animals graze on the north-south axis, while migrating birds use the magnetic fields to fly thousands of kilometers to find better ecological conditions. Recent studies discovered protruding iron balls on the hair cells of the birds inner ear, the hair-cells are sensory neurons that can detect sound and gravity. An astonishing discovery prevalent in birds. When studies were done on the iron balls in a range of animals using “analytical electron microscopy,” they found that iron rich cells may be elusive magnetic sensors and could be influencing a birds navigating system.

This is metaphorically equatable to Google Maps, GPS and other navigating systems; and ofcourse the Ramsden Sextant, Apollo Sextant, Scanning Telescope, Compass and other navigational attributes that preceded our contemporary way of ascertaining position and location with accuracy. The angle between celestial objects and the horizon has always been an essential method of direction. Today it’s a simple zip-code automation.

Zoology is such an intriguing field, because it amalgamates a myriad of subfields; cynology in particular, which studies canines and domesticated dogs; ethology and comparative psychology studies non-human behaviors, (animals) Fields I embrace for aesthetic reasons. Linguistics is quite prolific, particularly figurative and rhetorical devices, and I’ve always contrived propagating metaphors from zoology using linguistic devices.

The biological engrained processes of animals behavior are intrinsically metaphorical and analogical. The cross-platforming of mutually exclusive fields does produce a hybrid of interlacing that’s applicable to problem solving and the enhancement of creativity. So if your dog is prowling and fidgeting while appearing abstinent from discharging, there might just be an environmental occurrence disrupting the magnetic field stability. However; if it’s food-poisoning, he might just defy the laws of nature by being a biological anomaly.
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