Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression induced during whether change; primarily around winter months mood-swings are quite pervasive, and during summer the spirit uplifting becomes more prevalent. Let’s exclude therapy, antidepressants and other attributes, and specifically focus on the inherent correlation between weather conditions and our physiological mechanisms.

Light stimulates a powerful effect on the brains cognition according to Science Daily, recent discoveries of a light sensitive cell called “photoreceptor,” has been the central component in relating light information to the non-visual centers of the brain. During animal research non-visual functions were disrupted in the absence of the photoreceptors, meaning the behavioral variables deriving from our physiological mechanism is conducive to the non-visual robust effect of light, it reminds me of “Botany” (study of plants).

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants manufacture food in their leaves by the process of water, air and sunlight. And in marijuana, the (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient that induces the psychological effect, the translucent or semitransparent compound relies on extracting energy from the sunlight as part of its complexed formation. Also, people with cases of depression are more likely to suffer impaired cognitive function during reduced light as opposed to someone without depression

Let’s take a nonlinear non-scientific approach to the effect of weather, and explore two key areas; “The Placebo Effects of Metaphors” and “The Subtlety of Movie Rhetorics.” The placebo effect is the administering of ineffective medication, or the behavior or health improvement is not attributed to whats administered; thus rendering the mind over matter “idiom.” It is where an ineffective prescription, procedure or treatment is given to cure any disease, illness or injury. The indirect cure derives in a patients belief in whats administered.

The Placebo Effect of Metaphors, is where we extract “metaphoric conditions” and ascribe negative connotations to human experience and certain facial gestures; like “sad,” to which ironically is the acronym attributed to “Sleep Affective Disorder,” or attributing “foggy-head” as a result of chronic mind altering substance usage. Weather conditions seems to be a primary source for metaphorical expressions; from foggy-head, under-the-weather or hazy. Pokerface attributed to cold expression, while distress and depression is associated with gloomy conditions. It classically trains us to embrace certain weather conditions with a peculiar sense of pessimism, although the food we’re consuming is contingent on these conditions. ironic indeed…!

The Subtlety of Movie Rhetorics, where there’s a symbiosis between atmospheric conditions and a fictitious scene; graveyard, haunted house, or any scenario conducive to an uncannily striking surprise, tends to be associated with dark, gray and gloomy weathers. Conversely, a bright summers breeze would demystify the glory of a graveyard ambush, removing the enigma of suspense. The weather conditions we’re oblivious to in a movie-scene lays dormant in our subconscious, until you’re in the park alone and a dark gloomy overhead cloud strikes lightening. The scenario evokes memories of what was once viewed as a fictitious simulation.

Weather conditions can cause a sense of indoor-isolation, and being constricted from extracurricular activities can induce a gloomy psychological state; however, invariably as it seems there are exceptions to the rule. Gloomy, rainy, cloudy days may spur creativity and enhance innovation to others, an anomaly very seldom pondered on in the myriad of articles that promulgate our virtual highway. I have an intrinsic appreciation for dark, gray, gloomy evening when the poring-rain splatters on my rooftop, it elicits a state of serenity, and the overall tranquility is a fleeting moment in time. One I wish to be perpetual.

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