I like Central Park early in the morning. The light is special, the space is quiet but for the dogs off their leashes. I like that best, gives the place a country feel. Well, I was biking over there on a Sunday morning around seven when I saw this end result of a “funny thing to do after we close the bar.” An impaired patron of a local tavern plopped a large stuffed frog up on top a walk/stop sign at the northeast corner of 79th Street and Third Avenue.

As my eyes spied the frog, a healthy runner ran in place waiting for the light to change. The frog ignored me and kept his eyes where he should, so did I, because like him, “I’m a Girl Watcher.”

My, my, my…











Thomas Pryor’s blog: Yorkville Stoops to Nuts 

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  1. ymbhweorfnes

    Kermit has put on a little middle-aged spread there. Maybe he should be the one jogging? 😉


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