Following this weeks Jihadist attack in London, and last months Boston Marathon bombings, today thousands of athletes have joined victims of the Boston Marathon bombings to run and walk the last mile of the race, reclaiming the triumph of crossing the finish line.

About 3,000 runners and bombing victims gathered in light rain today to run the final mile of the world’s oldest annual marathon.

The event, known as OneRun, begun at Kenmore Square and ended at the official finish line.

Explosions near the finish line killed three people and wounded more than 260 on April 15.

Organiser Kathleen McGonagle said OneRun honours victims and emergency workers and allows runners to reclaim the final mile.

The national anthem was sung by the choir from St Ann Parish, where eight-year-old victim Martin Richard’s family worshipped.

This all goes to prove that wherever terrorists strike the public will always rise up again. Bravo Boston!

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