The universe is a big place and it’s good to have a guide, especially for someone like me, who knows next to nothing about astrology or what tomorrow will bring. So with a desire to know my future and on a freezing but clear day in January, I found myself at a talk by celebrated astrologer Susan Miller. Indeed while Susan probably knew ahead of time I would attend, but I did not know I would be there until hours before. Something told me however that I shouldn’t miss the opportunity to meet Ms. Miller.
After all, ask any New Yorker and they will tell you Susan Miller’s credential’s are rock solid. Miller is an author, magazine columnist, and proprietress of, where she offers a detailed summary of the coming month for every sign. Truth is she sees things coming before you do.

In an airy, chandeliered salon overlooking Rockefeller Center, a crowd of jaded New Yorkers burned to know just what the year ahead would bring, and they waited for Susan Miller to tell them. True to form Miller answered. Her warm, confidence-inspiring presence calmed their fears and stoked their hopes. Looking vulnerable (she recently broke her arm), she spun out solid wisdom of the ages lensed through the celestial science. Susan Miller sees the true power of the stars (for those who believe in such things) in their eternal square dance with the planets, and she is positively bubbly about the year ahead. Her jovial message is in tune with our time: look forward, not back.
If you are wondering why things are going wrong lately?
Apparently, a few sullen giant planets have been locked in place since sometime in 2009, which explains why our society, the economy, and everything else haven’t budged for anyone but bankers. However, fear not. Appaently, Jupiter is moving from Gemini into Cancer toward the end of June, and this will change the game for everyone but people born under my own sign. (Dang.)

What is good about Miller is that she walked the crowd through the twelve signs of the zodiac, explaining for each when certain dates on the calendar would bring on significant astronomical events like eclipses and planets going retrograde. The studious got busy marking dates and scribbling notes so that their plans and actions might fall in sync. I simply struggled to keep up.

Miller believes that for a vast number of our fellow humans, the second half of the year will bring a great unlocking of what’s been locked, and a new time of possibilities, a well as a glut of fame, fortune, and romance. My own sign, however, is still out of luck until after a year and a half grinds on and the galaxy finally gets around to grant our wishes. Eleven-twelfths of the people in the room were overjoyed. I remained grumpy. Patience is not my virtue.

My problem, I realized, is that I keep hoping to discover the mysteries of the universe by scanning science news or staring at those pedestrian photos NASA offers direct from the Hubble telescope. But it isn’t happening. Pretty pictures and Large Hadron Collider updates can only take you so far.

I wish I could catch the falling star of optimism and see that the cosmos is offering a menu of limitless possibilities but no time soon, Instead, I plod along like the proverbial ox hitched to a plow, never noticing the glittering dome above. The language of aspects, moon signs, and conjunctions is all too complicated for my pretty little head. Venus is doing what with whom? Hasn’t Pluto been demoted from planetary status? Last week a funny object hit Russia but they did not see it coming? As for me I don’t know about these stars and predictions.

Some might say: “Silly me”. After all, the audience seemed to know better, and came armed with an understanding from many books on the subject, such as Miller’s own Planets and Possibilities [].

Through the question and answer session, I learned the following:

June 19th will be the luckiest day of the year.

A new moon on your birthday gives you carte blanche to do anything you want. (I thought a birthday was excuse enough to get ridiculous.)

Things are fixable. (I was relieved, I hate fate.) However, Aries folks will resist your efforts at fixing them. (They don’t listen.)

Your rising sign dictates your career.

She turned down Cosmo. (She is G rated.)

Lindsay Lohan is a nice, normal, American girl. (They hung out.)

My own conclusion: April 15th is a day the government wants money/
All in all, and in a few short hours, Susan Miller succeeded in turning those jaded New Yorkers into dreamers once more. She gave them hope and dates to look forward to.Was this due more to her own magic than that of the heavens? I actually believe it really doesn’t matter. Hope came and we all need hope. The city rarely takes any notice of the stars except during fashion week. Maybe we need to watch our stars instead those of Hollywood.

Susan Miller writes for Elle.

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