When it comes to Pizza, Pasta, or just amazingly great Italian food and served at its freshest and finest Williamsburg has the best family style Italian restaurant in the tri- state area. Possibly even the United States. Yes, we know many Restaurants in Manhattan, and love them but this one in Williamsburg we are talking excellence and family style. The food is cooked by Italians, Italians love to eat it, and what makes this all the more delicious is the fact that this all happens with unbelievable value. Please don’t take our world for it, just ask the Alitalia flight crew where they eat when they arrive in New York, and many of them will tell you at Patrizia’s. A combination of great hospitality provided by owner Antonio Alaio at the helm, along with his crew of friendly staff, Patrizia’s is a must visit eatery which provides authentic old world cuisine like you would find in the old country. Patrizia’s is a place where locals and tourists alike flock in droves and its always busy. At weekends make sure to book because it seems everyone wants to grab a table. The popularity of this place is understandable. Patrizia’s has been a family owned establishment for almost 25 years and the Alaio family is involved in every aspect. They track all of the restaurants day to day activities so as to ensure everyone’s  experience at Patrizia’s is always great. In keeping with Italian tradition, every single customer is treated like family, and we are not joking. Antonio literally greets every customer at the door, a trait he no doubt picked up on from his father Giacomo Alaio who after establishing restaurants in the Bronx and Brooklyn, these days can be found running Patrizia’s in Stamford. Conn. Each dish at Patrizia’s is prepared with fresh organic ingredients, and uses only the Alaio family recipes some of which date back over 150 years. Whether its their Lobster Pasta, or exceptional Mozzarella this Patrizia’s should be on everyone’s bucket list. The Brooklyn Patrizia’s Restaurant is at 35 Broadway in Williamsburg, Patrizia’s also provide pick-up, delivery and catering for all occasions. Check it out. We give it a BIG HIGH FIVE + TEN!

35 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11249 (718) 218-9272

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