The QE2 is passing by earth today but hopefully will not dock on the West Side. The QE2, is not the ship of the same name but the1998 QE2, an asteroid, and mountain sized monster (yes you read that correctly), that will pass Earth at what NASA calls a “safe distance” of about 3.6.million miles. Let’s hope our beloved NASA are good with distances.The distance is actually 15 times the journey to the moon but that’s a near miss in astronomical terms. Well, if there’s nothing to worry about then why bother telling us? It’s not as if we can get out of the way.

1998 QE2’s expected fly past has certainly reignited discussions among scientists about how to  deal with the  improbable —  but definitely possible — circumstance of an asteroid  predicted to hit the  planet.

What can we do? Send up a Hollywood style team to destroy it?

Where’s Bruce when you need him? Too much information NASA. If a Mountain is heading towards us at a safe distance then we don’t really need to know because if it is not a safe distance then we will most certainly find out!


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