John Galliano leaves his New York City hideaway with countless pieces of baggage  and reputation still in tatters.  Shamed designer Galliano took no less then 3 cars and 4 hours to check out of his Inn on Irving Place.  Dior’s former chief designer had one SUV laden with Louis Vuitton luggage and hat boxes. Another SUV to transport his dog with a its ( or his) handler. And then, 45 minutes later, bad boy John emerged to his own awaiting SUV. The whole departure took over four hours.


For the man whose designs truly shone, it has been quite a fall from grace.  The “I love Hitler” designer was made persona non grata in the fashion industry following his distasteful remarks.  Earlier this week, Galliano, made headlines by wearing a parody of traditional Jewish attire.  While he continues to turn heads, it is saddening to see such a talented young man throw so much away by his insensitive and hateful behavior.  Maybe a sincere mia colpa would be in Vogue.


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