Follow the believer.

Are we not to believe?  Is the age of belief behind us?

“We also are looking for volunteer legal council, doctors, nurses, dentists, mental health professionals, an accountant, IT experts, artists, people willing to do loads of laundry and folks to print off fliers for us.”   Occupy Wall Street

One accountant.  Many Artists. Need I say more?

Do you understand the debt you owe to these children?

Pray for Bloomberg.  I spent one hour praying for Bloomberg.  I cannot march on Wall street but I can pray for Bloomberg. For one hour.

What does it mean to concentrate your mind on one man for an hour? This man? Bloomberg.

Possibly he is an oracle, possibly a great civic leader.  But is he a man to meditate on for an hour?

Mr. Bloomberg, I hope you are worth it.

I put his picture in front of me on the computer, and took the first meditative state.

Emptiness, except Bloomberg.

Ah… but then some protestors entered my empty mind. Out!

They’re gone.


No amplification. Just Bloomberg.

Nice cheeks, man.

Bicycle lanes.

Want a smoke?

I love Bloomberg.

But what’s the deal with all this law and order?

Zuccotti Park.

Bloomberg,  is this not your Feast of Tabernacles? Did not God give us America in a holy Covenant of mercy, compassion, light and

Bloomberg, Bloomberg, Bloomber.

8:46. A  running tab in the mind.  For one hour, Michael you are my world.

(Flirting with who knows what when you give your mind over for an hour.)

Mantra Bloomberg:  Hare Bloomberg.
Hare, Hare, Bloomberg.  Hare, Hare, Hare,
Bloomberg.  Bloomberg.  Hare, Bloomberg.

Can’t we swap out John Roberts for Michael Bloomberg?

Michael, Michael, Michael. Shree Michael.

A $127million personal push for young black and latino men.

You are a good man.

Michael B., join the occupation.

Come on down.

You can do art. You can do mayor.

Come on down.

Bring your sleeping bag.

And a friend.

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