Photo: Andrea Renault / Polaris Images


It can’t be easy being Alec Baldwin as he faces allegations of a hate crime
from a new York Post photographer. Yet, again just the simple task of having
breakfast comes with a media frenzy. Today, the former 30 Rock Star decided to
get take – out rather than sit being scrutinized at his favorite local deli.
Naturally an entourage of Paparazzi joined Baldwin for his morning routine.
Exactly what information could be gleaned from these Baldwin media frenzy
breakfasts remains to be seen but they are becoming a daily event in the East
Village since Baldwin’s alleged and recent outburst to a New York reporter and
photog. Who knows maybe they could become a tourist attraction en route to Wall
Street! Stay tuned for Alec’s upcoming “Orphans” scheduled to preview on March
19th and of course the arrival of his baby who will arrive on earth amid much
attention soon!

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