Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy Wall Street
October 03, 2011 06:46AM
Hi Thinkers:

Wondered what you think of the Wall Street Protests? I don't know what their goals are and so wonder where this
unorganization could possibly lead esp. with these protests spreading to other big cities. Do you have opinion/ideas?

See below this video from NY Times. Do you agree with his financial advice to Protestors for change?

Dear Friends-

Yes, by all means let us get our primary wisdom about the Wall street demos from the NYT, whose reportage has consistently colluded with the banks ,the corporations and
the government as they defrauded and destroyed our already toxic economic system and deprived the majority of their homes, their jobs and their children's futures. All the while the CEOs & fellow perpetrators were rewarded and not punished for their crimes In fact, Mr.
Kristoff's suggestion were quite good but his patronizing tone showed his failure to
listen respectfully to the basic ideas of these inspiring young people.Above all, I looked in vain for any mea culpa for the silence of the NYT for Wall St. breaking our laws left & right.
As an 80 year old priest I felt the need to go down there and support our youth and others. Mr.Kristoff could easily have heard their basic political credo "'We are the 99% ". ,

which says it all. They have developed a brilliant democratic process, which has learned from the mistakes of former social movements.Their large meetings are models of non-
hierarchical. inclusive process. They have intentionally refrained from preempting final demands as they await further participants and are gaining impressive union and other support.
I respectfully suggest that people listen to Democracy Now with Amy Goodman as an example of model journalism,( WBAI, cable TV & Internet) especially for the intelligent coverage of Wall St. occupation--eg wonderful interviews with Michael Moore & Cornell West, who visited the scene.
Let us respectfully, even lovingly hold Mr. Kristoff's feet to the fire.& ask him why 700 non- violent protesters were arrested on Sat. while virtually no CEO's & their buddies will
ever feel the handcuffs on their manicured hands.

Please visit Wall St. & see for yourself.
In Peace,
Fr. Paul Mayer

NYTImes Video: Advice for Wall Street Protestors from the Op-Ed columnist Nicholas D. Kristof suggests financial policies for the "Occupy Wall Street" movement.

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