canal street

Posted by cheryl 
canal street
October 28, 2010 12:37PM
Hi I want to go to new york to shop on canal street but am not sure of the best way to go. I am from boston and airfare is cheap but I am confused as to what area I should be looking for when booking a hotel. What is the Canal Street are called? What section would you suggest staying at if I want to go to Canal Street and be safe.

Re: canal street
October 28, 2010 06:14PM

Here is a link to how to shop on Canal Street. I think the author of this page is correct - unfortunately this page is about shopping at Canal Street. []

There are so many other places to shop in NY such as Yellow Rat Bastard, Daffy's, Feline's, etc. I went down Canal Street once and was more interested in the great restaurant suppliers than fake bags (I could care less about brand names).

Walking all of Canal Street is very interesting though, and it was worth my time that day to see all it has to offer even if most of it I would not want.

Any area would be fine to stay in. I suggest to check out hotels for reviews. Be sure to use the search engine and type in the hotel name and bed bugs to be sure there is not an issue. You can see actual photos of rooms people have stayed in and their comments. It's a great forum.

Here is a youtube video of Canal Street and I am sure if you watch all the others you will be well prepared. []

It is very easy to get around NYC, no need to stay close by. Feel free to stay in another burrough - like Queens which is minutes away via subway
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