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Re: Ask a New York dog/Blanca
October 27, 2010 07:38AM
Just got wind last night that my humans booked a trip to gay Paree! Paris in Spring and yes there taking moi. I'm so excited yet slightly nervous about the whole flight thing. Has any one ever traveled on a plane? Confined under a seat for 7 hrs is not my idea of fun. I wonder if they can take me out, doubt it. Can't wait to see Paris. I hear we rule the town. Restuarants love us. Yahoo!!
A dogs life in Paris

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Miss Lola
Re: Ask a New York dog
October 27, 2010 08:50AM
Oh Blanca, springtime Paris is so beautiful, and it's true that the French love their dogs. But what about sightseeing? You won't be allowed in museums, buses, attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, cruises along the Seine, etc. And that long flight is very stressful. You might have more fun if you have your own separate vacation, maybe playing with other doggies. I would invite you to stay with me, but there's a rumor that I don't get along with others.
Re: Ask a New York dog
October 27, 2010 09:25AM
Lola wuz up? I'm not feeling the positive vibe....I'll have a blast...hoping to find some others that have traveled and get their take and where they may have gone etc...Lola the worlds a mirror, make a friend today!
I just got this pic from my pal Chip who lives in Utah who recently made to Paris and loved it.

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Re: Ask a New York dog
October 27, 2010 07:20PM

Everyone, my name is Sarah and I"m a papillon. I want to know how to get my human off the computer and playing with me. I'm up in his chair while he's off getting me some snacks. I need a canine keyboard because typing with my nose is slow and my paws hit too many keys at one time.

Are any of you on Facebook?
Mr Wonderful
Re: Ask a New York dog
November 01, 2010 02:18AM
I'm sorry for my tardiness in replying but I haven't been too well and had a few trips to the vets. Now I don't really mind going as I know that they'll try and make me feel better but my humans get all upset - especially in the back room where they have to give over the card to pay....

Anyway, this flight business Blanca. I've never done that as in this country if we go by plane we have to go in a crate where the luggage and everything goes. That's not my idea of heaven so I'd put my paw down on that one. The only four legged friends that I know that can go in the humans area are service dogs- oh, and those corgies that Lizzie has.

Sarah- my human got me a Dogbook page but I don't go on it much. My real name is Elfa, you could try searching for me? ;-)
Re: Ask a New York dog
November 29, 2010 07:53AM
I love this guywinking smiley

What sets you apart from a traditional groomer?

What makes someone a great stylist is knowing dogs inside out — their movement, their genetics, their history. I also work a lot with clients to make sure the dog’s style matches their lifestyle. If I see you walking with some fabulous Manolo Blahniks, I want to be sure your dog is stylish, too. If somebody says they like to go hiking, I make sure the dog has a sporting cut.

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Re: Ask a New York dog
January 18, 2011 08:35AM
I think I might be a canidate for thundershirt...winking smiley

Putting the Squeeze on Doggie Anxiety

When the Thundershirt fits properly, you can easily slide your fingers under it, says Thundershirt co-owner Phil Blizzard. The Thundershirt and the Storm Defender drape over the body and are secured with quick fasteners. The Anxiety Wrap pulls over the head and is made snug with a quick fastener. Animals Plus says its wrap has several acupuncture points and includes "awareness straps" around the back legs that the company says has an additional calming effect.


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Re: Ask a New York dog
February 16, 2011 08:27AM
Just got word from Hickory. Guess who will be showing her the city.winking smiley
NEW YORK – Hickory just might like the big-city life.

A Scottish deerhound that loves to chase deer and rabbits on a 50-acre farm in Virginia did more than fine at Madison Square Garden this week, winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club on Tuesday night and the title of America's top dog.

"She's not used to lights, camera and noise," handler Angela Lloyd said.

smell the rosesthumbs up


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Mr Wonderful
Re: Ask a New York dog
February 16, 2011 11:09AM
Hickory is one nice looking young lady.....if I were only a few years younger.
Re: Ask a New York dog
February 20, 2011 07:34AM
Personally I've never bitten anyone.But this is a dog eat dog townwinking smiley Yet there was this one time when some kids were pulling on my ears and indeed I wanted to share with them a little nibble. I'm an Aquarius. What can I say... Be loving

There were a record number of dog bites in the city last year -- with pint-sized Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus surprisingly among the top five culprits, The Post has learned.

The city's most vicious dog -- measured by the number of bites on humans reported last year -- was the pit bull, with 815 reported chompings. That's nearly a quarter of the 3,609 bites recorded in 2010, the highest annual number in the data provided by the Health Department.

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Re: Ask a New York dog
April 20, 2011 05:56PM
When I was growing up these mix breeds where something we just kept to its all the rage>>MMMmm how about a German Shepard and a Poodlewinking smiley

Please, don't call these dogs mutts.

They're goldendoodles, cockapoos and puggles and they are among the most popular cross-bred dogs in the U.S., according to the American Canine Hybrid Club. Nipping at their heels are cavachons, shih-poos and schnoodles, says the organization, which has registered and named 671 different hybrid combinations since it started registering litters in 1990.


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Re: Ask a New York dog
April 21, 2011 05:52AM
New York to Get Official State Dog?
smileys with beer


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