Staten Island

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Staten Island
October 24, 2009 06:40PM
Re: Staten Island
November 27, 2009 09:31PM
Hi all!

I'm a newbie, just booked our week in America today, 3 nights in NY then 4 nights in Vegas!!

We were originally planning just Vegas but I heart NY and the deal we got was fab (staying in Westin in NY and Wynn in Vegas!!)...

Anyway reason for my post is that now we are wanting to marry in NY - how on earth do you find locations?!?! Our budget (Minister, certificate and as many photos as poss) is around 1k... In Vegas it's sooo much cheaper, and not just the $99 drive thru lol!!

We love the idea of Staten Island, but are there any other venues that just do ceremonies, as it will just be the 2 of us, so no big reception! We also love City Hall but I can't find any pics of the interior online...

Also, could a photographer be our witness? Oh and is it easy yo get the money order for all the paperwork? Sorry one last thing!! How easy is it to sort out hair / make up / flowers, can anyone recommend any?

Any ideas / tips / reviews for venues in NY would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Staten Island
November 27, 2009 09:45PM
if you search this forum for "married" or "wedding" you will find lots of previous discussions about this that may help you.
Congratulations, by the way!

why on earth staten island???
I got married at brooklyn borough hall in brooklyn heights...easy as pie and took less than one hour from the time we entered the building to the time we left.
money order: simple. just go to the post office, or anywhere like western union or even a lot of duane reades (the drugstore chain, on nearly every block in NYC) and you can get a money order. if I remember right, there was a place to get a money order right inside of brooklyn borough hall, in case you decide to go there. you need to get the license a day before the ceremony, remember (also at brooklyn borough hall).
good luck!

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