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The Suite was definitely on Queens Blvd. On the same side up a block or two was The Stratton. I worked there as a musician in 1972 or 1973. I think (not positive) that is Kew Gardens. Henry was there most nights when I worked.
89-22 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst. It is now a furniture store.
According to one of Henry Hills' books the site is where the Midori Matsu currently stands at 111-16 Queens Blvd. I think I got that information from A Goodfella's Guide to New York and as recently as five years ago I used to regularly park my car and step out to pay my respects to Misters Hill, Burke, Bentvena, Breslin, Gallo, etc. before getting back in and making the turn on 75th Road to pick up some musician friends on Austin and 73rd. That being said, it's a known fact that Henry wasn't always lucid when recalling details about his own life, and the 111-20 Queens Boulevard (the Quest Spa and Fitness Center) that has been previously alluded to in this thread might be a better candidate (it still supports an awning). I think it comes down to the idea that if someone remembers the Suite being on the corner lot we should go for 111-20, otherwise 111-16. In fact there is also a firehouse at the other end of this block (bordering 75th Ave), if it turns out that this is the Firehouse that was next to For Men Only then the For Men Only site is going to be the Tango Argentine Steak House or possibly Pinang next door to it. Here's the most recent Google Map representation of the block:
OK my friend, Grazie & thank you. And calm down...We know you are a New Yorker & all, but we are all trying to work this out together. I have family & connections in NYC, but I don't claim to be an expert -- I was only relating some of the contradicting info I have gotten from those who claim to be "in the know", from various online sources, & from movie location blogs....We are all just trying to co-ordinate what we've heard.
The suite was openend in 1968 by a friend of mine named Milt Silverberg. We all hung out there and then Milt sold the Suite to Henry and Joey Razzano. It then became a hangout for quite a few wiseguys, When Henry went off for his sabbatical in Lewisburg, it was run by a guy named Augie. Marty Krugman's for Men only Hairshop was right next door. The last time I was ;in the area the Suite had become an Asian restrairamt called Pinang (not Penang like the chain in the city but Pinang.) Inside it looks nothing like the old club.
Not sure if anyone still reading this blog. But I have done a lot of research on all the locations for the actual sites and filming for Goodfellas and Wiseguy. I too believe The Suite was located in that strip of stores next the Firehouse on 75th. This can be validated by a 2006 documentary "The Real Goodfellas" video that has comments and appearances by Hill, Scorsese, Pileggi and Ed McDonald (US Attorney Prosecutor) shows this exact site (Quest Spa was closest store - pic was an angle of the entire strip). I lived in Forest Hills from 1988 to 1997. And, by coincidence, in In 1991 I proposed to my wife at an Italian restaurant located what is the New Pinang is located today at 111-12. If it was The Suite a few questions. Henry said it was a 255 seat super-club. I know there is a basement that can function for catering but otherwise it looks very small for 255 seats. Unless they rezoned that lot after The Suite closed shop and made it smaller. Another question. I have seen many times that Morrie's shop was a 2 story operation. Since I have lived there (and I still go there monthly since moving) I have never seen any evidence of there being a 2nd floor on any of the stores located in that strip except the Quest Spa. I definitely think it is in that strip and suspect The Suite was the New Pinang and For Men Only was Tango - (Argentine Restaurant). But I was not there first hand when these businesses were operational. I am using the info posted here at this site (first hand accounts) as support with other sources as my best guess. Thanks to those who contributed - it was very interesting and informative. Ironically, the movie scenes are in the same neighborhood. Even the GF apartment in the film (The Werrenton) was filmed 2 blocks away from The Suite and so was his actual GF apt - 2 blocks away. The Just For Men salon was filmed just pass Yellowstone across from The Parker Towers. The Suite filmed on Grand. Henry Karen and kids (Greg and Gina) also lived in an apt at the Fairview Apartments at GCP and 62nd Ave in Forest Hills.
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It's the hibachi grill place called "Shogun" now. It's to the right of Quest fitness. It seems like the right size for 200+ seats. Quest is too big 2 floors and a pool in basement... the Pinang spot looks too small. I'd go w Henry's address of 111-16 which is Shogun.
If anyone from that generation can confirm it was one venue from the corner, or look at google maps. Then we have the answer... imagine billy batts getting his face hibachi'd by tommy? Would've been a wild scene.

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