David Letterman Show

Posted by Shelley 
David Letterman Show
October 03, 2007 04:53PM
I often see photos of stars stopping to sign autographs and shake hands with the crowd outside, on the way into the David Letterman Show taping. Can you please tell me the time of day this happens and what the location is. Also, I am planning to visit NYC in a few weeks. I have been reading some books on the city and more than once i have heard that you should only use "official Cabs" and that there are many other cab companys out there that does not run off of meters and will charge you alot. How do i tell the difference between what is the correct cab company and what isnt. Thanks for your help. This is a great site.
Re: David Letterman Show
October 04, 2007 02:52PM
As for David Letterman's show, he tapes at a theater on Broadway between 53rd and 54th Streets. The stage door entrance is located on 53rd st, right around the corner from the theater entrance and the CBS Store. It is right next to the Hello Deli, the deli that Rupert owns and works in.

The show tapes Mon-Thur at 5:30pm and there's an additional taping Thursday at 7:30pm (the Friday show)

As for when the stars arrive, I don't know if they're given a specific time. I would imagine a half hour before taping begins, but I'm sure some folks get there earlier and some are stuck in traffic (as has been mentioned on the show before) and just barely make it in time.

I imagine if you start waiting around the stage door entrance around 4:30 you would have a good chance of catching the guests' arrival.

As for the cab companies, I'm not completely sure what that means. Any yellow cab has the same rates as far as I know. Even if rates differ, they post them on the outside of the car so you know can look at a few different cabs to compare. I think you'll find that they all say the same.

A Car Service or Black Car is something different than a cab. They generally are more expensive, more luxurious and are more reliable for pre-planned point to point travel.
Re: David Letterman Show
October 04, 2007 06:20PM
Thank you for your help.
I appreciate it.
Re: David Letterman Show
October 05, 2007 08:34AM
I think you are talking about gypsie cabs, use the yellow cabs, the gypsy cabs are not yellow and they often approach people at the airport as they leave the terminals.
Re: David Letterman Show
October 05, 2007 03:50PM
Ah, gypsy cabs. Where I'm from we called these Gitneys. Basically just people or groups of people who use their own cars around and ask you if you need a ride. I MIGHT consider one of these for a ride home from the grocery store as a resident of the city, but not as a tourist.
Re: David Letterman Show
October 07, 2007 10:03PM
Marea Wrote:
> I think you are talking about gypsie cabs, use the
> yellow cabs, the gypsy cabs are not yellow and
> they often approach people at the airport as they
> leave the terminals.

I think I witnessed that last night after I arrived at the Port Authority. As I was standing on the curb trying to hail a cab, there was a woman standing next to me was a small suitcase. An unmarked car pulled up and with a look and a nod she jumped in the back seat. Of course, it could have been a different type of transacion!
Re: David Letterman Show
October 30, 2007 12:26PM
What time do I need to show up for the Letterman show if I already have my tickets?
Re: David Letterman Show
January 03, 2008 06:20AM
ok - gypsies are cool if you know your fare of where you are going. if you call the dispatch for a service like Carmel or Baronas or something they'll usually be straight with you on the phone. dont pay more than that even if the driver asks for more. If i cant call dispatch (like if i pick a gypsie up in BK or Harlem) generally add five bucks to whatever a yellocab fare might have been. For those of us NYC residents who dont live in Manhattan (notedly a LAME place to live!!-lol) - and live in real places like Brooklyn and Queens.... we all have to take Gypsies (or car services) becayse YC's arent out here xcept to drop off people (and go to airports). As for gypsies being a random coagulation of cars - theyre not... they have a dispatch and are usually very organized. Just because a service industry exists to serve the GP not the tourists, doesnt mean its shady - it just runs with its own ins and outs... YA KNOW. Every day we hustle(ing)??? Ever hear about Frank and his harlem adventure cutting out the middle man. Everything here is a hustle - same for a lot of places - get that dolla dolla? Capesci?

Re: David Letterman Show
January 25, 2008 01:18AM
Hi, My husband works nights and we watch the David Letterman show every night of the week.
I have to say that the phone calls that David gets are very ignoring and its every night now. Also David repeats alot of stuff from the night or nights before.

I love David Letterman but the phone calls have to go or I will have to start watching something else.

Re: David Letterman Show
June 10, 2009 08:26AM
Sarah Palin yesterday said a David Letterman joke about her “slutty flight attendant look” during one of his Top Ten lists was “pathetic.”

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Re: David Letterman Show
June 16, 2009 05:26AM
He's apologized. move on....

Re: David Letterman Show
October 02, 2009 09:24AM
David Letterman's Extortion Story: A Comedian Wrestles With A Humorless Development


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