Cost of Child/Day Care in NYC???

Posted by tonyme 
Cost of Child/Day Care in NYC???
January 01, 2007 12:47AM
Hello All,

My wife and I are planning to move to NYC in 3 months and we want to get an idea of what the cost of day/child care will be. We plan to live in Manhattan probably in the UWS or UES area and our child will be around 6 months when we move. I would also like to know if it's commonplace for companies to offer their own onsite day care service.


Re: Cost of Child/Day Care in NYC???
January 02, 2007 08:46AM
Hi Tony,
Below is a link to a non profit that handles such needs. There tele# is 212-929-4999 after message press 0. I spoke to a referral specialistand she indicated you will need a 'family provider' which is a NY license specializing in infants.
Prices range from $150-$220 a week depending situation/time. Good luck and welcome to the city.

Re: Cost of Child/Day Care in NYC???
January 02, 2007 02:31PM
Back in the day, I went through United Way for licensed care givers. We found 2 gems both times we needed to look.

A friend of mine who has a toddler has been very happy with the YMCA, but she is not in Manhattan. Good luck!
Re: Cost of Child/Day Care in NYC???
February 15, 2007 07:07PM
I am not sure where the $200 range came from but that is wildly underestimating. Our kids are in school now but when they were younger and in daycare (4 years ago) it was around $1500 per month. Private nannies will be at least $500 per week for full time. We by no means used a fancy or expensive day care. It was killer. No companies I know have in-house but I mostly know the media industry. It sounds reasonable that some larger companies would. The goods news is that having an infant in NYC is easier and better than you would imagine. Lots of great cool parents around, lots of parks, lots of restaurant choices with kids. I don't know any day cares up town but we liked ours, called Buckle My Shoe in Greenwich Village.
what is child care cost today?
Re: Cost of Child/Day Care in NYC???
May 05, 2008 01:23PM
I know of a preschool/childcare centre in Chelsea which is around $400 a week, it is open 6.30am to 6.30pm and also has the option of 3 days or 2 days a week for over 12 months, it is called Tutor Time and is on 27th Street at 6th Ave.
Re: Cost of Child/Day Care in NYC???
December 15, 2008 11:27AM
Bridget is right above when she says that $200 is wildly underestimating the cost. I am calling Childcare centers in Queens at this very moment (on 12/16/08) and the average in Queens, not Manhattan, is about $250-$300 a month. I haven't found a single place under $250 for full time. OUCH!

If you want a reliable, adult babysitter (not a friend or a relative) the going rate is about $15 an hour.

You can easily (in many cases) up the price significantly in Manhattan, particularly in certain areas like the UWS and UES. Moreover, just finding a place with availability is a problem.

Good luck to me and you! winking smiley
I am looking for a day care in the forest hills area for my baby that is 10 month old. Do you any????? How much do they cost????? Thank you.
Re: Cost of Child/Day Care in NYC???
January 18, 2010 09:20AM
This should help

day care in manhattan is about $1800 per month
Nannys cost about $10/hr on up so about $2000+ per month

Is it possible that I get the name of this day care?
If you are looking for an affordable daycare/preschool,look no further. Baby Steps Daycare located at 99-06 Metropolitan Forest Hills, NY 11375 has all the services your child needs. We are open Mon- Friday. 7:30 AM- 6:00 PM. Our service starts at $200 a week for children ages 2-6. Please contact the director Julia at 718-451-6094 for enrollment or just questions.

Thank You.

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