To JFK from Greyhound Bus stop

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Re: To JFK from Greyhound Bus stop
February 12, 2009 09:40PM
After multiple bad experiences with New York Airport Service, I have given up on them. Most recently, the bus to the Port Authority was pulled out of service upon reaching Grand Central, where they told everyone to get off. No bus came for 40 minutes, at which point I gave up.

I will definitely be taking the AirTrain in the future. This takes you to Jamaica station, where you can transfer to the E train for western Queens and the west side of Manhattan. Total cost is significantly less as well, around $7 I believe.
Re: To JFK from Greyhound Bus stop
February 24, 2009 02:22PM
Which Greyhound bus station is the closest to JFK and how do you suggest that I get there?

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The one and only Greyhound Bus Line station is at the hugh bus terminal on 8th Ave between 40th and 42nd Street (west of Times Square). It is run by a regional agency (same as the airports).

Take any subway line to Times Square and walk one block west, or the A, C or E directly to the "Port Authority"
Is there one & how much?
Re: To JFK from Greyhound Bus stop
March 02, 2009 09:14AM
$30 R/T leaves 128 Central Ave

Don't use NYAirport Service the buses are dirty & never on time
if it's 1 person walk over to the Hilton on 42 street & catch a supershuttle van ( 1-800- Bluevan ) a few dollars more.. but well worth it
2 people or more just take a cab..
I would like to travel from Schenectady / Albany to reach JFK Airport by 6-30 pm. Which of the following two options is better ?

Greyhound bus from Albany to Pt Authority, followed by airport shuttle to JFK.


Amtrak from Albany / rensselaer / schenectady to Penn station, followed by a airport shuttle to JFK ?

How much does a cab cost to go from penn station to JFK Airport ?

Re: To JFK from Greyhound Bus stop
April 30, 2009 11:52AM
You need to be at the airport 3 hours before departure for an international flight, so you need to be there by 3:30pm.

I personally prefer to travel by train but it generally more expensive than the bus.

Since you'll have luggage, the airport shuttle bus is better in my opinion.

Taxis to and from JFK is $45 + tolls + tip = $60.

stay in NJ to visit NYC --> []
My colleagues and i arrive JFK about 6am on Monday Jan 25 from West Africa and need to proceed to Schenectady that morning. Problem is, the only flight to Albany is at 6:35pm (a twelve hour wait) and we are contemplating taking a cab (mini-van preferably) that morning to Schenectady.

Please advise.
The distance between Schenectady to New York is 145 miles/233 kilometers. The cab fare is going to be double the meter rate (outside of NYC).

Amtrak passenger trains leave Penn Station (33rd and 7th Ave Manhattan) at
0715, 0815, 1015, 1313, 1515, 1545.

Max fare in $69.00, cheapest fare is $36.00

Megabus leaves from the same area (31st and 8th Ave) for Albany at
0700, 1115, 1445 and 1820.

Fare is around $24.00

From JFK take AirTrain to Long Island Rail Road station at Jamaica, then take the railroad into Penn Station for either Amtrak or Megabus.

Book online to $ave.
Re: To JFK from Greyhound Bus stop
December 29, 2010 10:08AM
this information is really helpful! you were actually the first link i found when i wanted to travel from JFK to Philly through Greyhound. I guess the only way is going to port authority! thanks for the information!
I will arrive in John F. Kennedy Airport. but mu final destination is in Buffalo New York? What is the available ground transportation going to Buffalo and how many hours trip?

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