Dominican Hair Salon recommendations??

Posted by Jihan 
Did you find a salon in San Diego, I will be moving there in a few weeks. thanks.
Yessina Lyns
Re: Dominican Hair Salon recommendations??
February 20, 2009 09:31PM
go to they have 2 locations one in Morrow and one in Gwinnett
great salon check them out
there's one on Jonesboro Road, on the side street next to the Wal-Mart. There's also one one in Stockbridge on Hwy 138.
Mazuma Hair Salon
5150 Camelot Drive
Fairfield, Ohio 45014

The only hair salon in Ohio that offers the doobie for only $10. Visit us online at www.mazuma or call us at 513-829-WRAP!

Owner is from the New York/New Jersey area and was the first salon to offer the doobie for $10 in New Jersey and Ohio.
Hi!I'm Shoranda and you SERIOUSLY need to know about this Dominican hair salon!!It's Bonita's By:Jeame!!I'm telling you this is the best salon i have been to!She uses the best products,which are shipped from NY,Dominican Republic,and Italy!All of them aren't greasy,they are REALLY great with dry scalps or if your just one of those people who need help with growing there hair then this is the place for you.All the perms are the best quality and made for different types of hair,they are also the most expesive....but she doesn't charge too much for that.OH and the colors are amazing!!She has different brands that have NO ammonia...she has Matrix...Paul Mitchell...ECT!!!The flat irons that she has aren't the type that burn your hair!!It ACTUALLY helps your hair!!!Amazing isn't it?The service is great...and it's VERY clean! And safe to be around because all the chemicals are either locked up or in a high shelf.Jeame is a professional and used to work at MAyRA 2000 for 3 years...after that she opened her own business.The prices are wonderful!For just a wash and set(including deep conditiner....)is just 20$ if its higher it normally depends on your hair type, what you are doing to your hair,and if your hair is REALLY long....or REALLY short...but the prices are as fair as they come...
SOOOOOOO if you are interested in getting your hair done then go to 3210 Hull ST Richmond VA 23224
PS if you don't call....i feel bad for you....
hey just moved to Naples fl need a really good hair salon that is open on Sundays I'm having a hair emergency
Hi did anyone find a Dominican stylist or salon in Naples or Ft. Myers, Fl area?
Please help!!! I heard they do a awesome job. Trying to find one in this area.

I'm moving to Indianapolis in a couple of weeks and I'd like to know if anyone knows a Dominican hair salon that I can go to?

Let's go back to San Diego.....Did anyone find a Dominican Hair Salon in San Diego? I just moved here from Atlanta, GA and I love the way Lilly's Hair Plus colored my hair. Please let me know if there is a Dominican shop down here.

Sorry, there are no dominican hair salons in Waldorf, MD. The closest I've found are in PG and Montgomery Co.
I've been in Albany for 2 years and have been a BIG fan or Carmen's - I used to prefer Deisi (Stylist) but I am now comfortable with all the ladies in there. The service is amazing especially since the new owners took over.

Give it a try and they have $13 wash and sets on Wednesday From 8am - 3pm and I take my son in for a free hair cut on Sundays - They give free brush cuts to lil boys on Sundays if you take them over, while you get your hair done.

I Love the place! Try it. thumbs up smiley
Does anyone know of a Dominican hair stylist in or near Savannah, Georgia? I have very curly hair and would like to find someone who has experience with my type of hair. I've been here 2 1/2 years and have yet to find a hair stylist that can fix my hair. I went to one that cut my ends and messed it all up. It's been a horrible experience. Please help! Thanks! I really appreciate it.


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