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Posted by Kim Mansfield 
Re: Diamond district
March 03, 2011 09:45AM
Miligree saved my engagement plans smiling smiley these guys really went out of there way to find me the perfect stone at the right price and then take my vision for the diamond ring set and create a gorgeous ring all within 2 weeks. The workmanship was amazing and I got more than what I asked for.
Many thanks to Miligree.. I have a very happy Fiance smiling smiley I will be back there soon for the wedding jewelry.. they are my diamond store.
Re: Diamond district
July 24, 2011 02:13PM
Most New Yorkers know 47th Street, the main thoroughfare of the Diamond District, a micro community of storefronts with fluorescent-lit window displays overflowing in diamonds, gold and gemstones. Men stand out front calling, "Gold and diamonds, we buy gold and diamonds," and urging customers to enter. What New Yorkers don't know is that 90% of all diamonds that enter the U.S. pass through this district.


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Re: Diamond district
August 02, 2011 01:45PM
One of the best jewelers who can make anything you can think of in greatest detail I gave them a scatch of my ideal ring and with in two weeks Ekstra Design had it finished in such detail I was simply amazed and Alex was able to save me few thousand dollars on my diamond with came with GIA cert the platinum ring was a work of act to say the least. 30 years in the business he has a great name for craftsmanship and detail making custom jewerly.
Re: Diamond district
November 01, 2011 10:55AM
Has anyone dealt with Liori diamonds? I don't find much out about them on review pages.

Re: Diamond district
December 16, 2011 11:03AM
another great NY discovery is the fine jewelry department at Lord and Taylor on 39th and 5th. Recent store rennovations have added this department of top quality, "designer" amazing luxury products---and not the usual NYC dept store high mark-up (Bergdorf's, etc).
The quality was terrific, as well as the service. One can shop confidently there, knowing that they will not be taken for a ride found at cartier, van clef, etc.

a rare nyc find!
Re: Diamond district
December 23, 2011 11:55AM
Ive been there, they have beautiful jewlery and do not try to rip you off they will show you two rings same cts but show you that there isnt much different just price some diamonds have inclusions i believe he called that you can not see which are drastically cheaper than one that has none and theyre stock from before diamonds and gold went up have stayed at the same price and if you find a ring now that you like and decide you want to upgrade you bring the ring back to them they give you full value of what you paid for that ring towards another ring i just wouldnt tell them im upgrading till i have picked out the ring and hustled them to the price i want lol and then hit them with okk well im want an upgrade so save your reciept
Re: Diamond district
April 03, 2012 02:45PM
Re: Diamond district
April 13, 2012 08:23PM
I found a diamond ring at Liori diamonds, on ebay, that I really considered purchasing. They have 100% positive feedback, so what kind of trouble did you have with them?
Re: Diamond district
April 20, 2012 06:00PM
Yes I would really like to know what kind of issues you had with Liori Diamonds as well. I am seriously considering buying a ring from them and would rather avoid a problem if possible.

Please share your experience.
Re: Diamond district
April 26, 2012 06:47AM
I am from San Diego and was considering Liori as well, but would appreciate very much some insight because it is very hard to find reviews on them and they are okay on the BBB, but there isnt much on there either. They seem too good to be true! Please let me know first hand experiences or facts about them. Thanks
Re: Diamond district
April 26, 2012 03:10PM
Just recieved a ring from Liori diamonds, although the ring is very beautiful, I noticed it is extremely light in gold weight. I went to the local gold smith who is a danish certified jewlery maker with his own shop. The ring I purchased was to be 18K gold (came with no stamp) when tested yes I was standing right there came in at 14K acid test so results can vary. I also had the diamond color looked at, I was told the diamond was a E came in at a JK color. I have emailed Liori to give direct and fair feedback and was at first not warmly recieved, they said they would give a refund but not they never said Full refund. I would suggest to anyone that is considering purchasing to note the weight of the gold first in the rings. I am dissapointed and still within the 14 day return policy. I am on the fence as I really like the design and they do sparkle but I am not convinced they will stand up to any daily wear.
Re: Diamond district
April 27, 2012 12:29PM
Second opinion, from another jeweler, I am going to keep these rings. I am told they will hold up to daily wear and if the company offers the warranty as Liori does then not to worry. I do love the design I do think there is some over rating on the color of the center stone and the gold I cannot unless I agree to have the ring drilled into prove without a doubt to myself that it is 14k or 18k gold. I would still recommend to you to get the gram weight on the gold so you are not surprised. I will give Liori very high marks for the proffessional way they dealt with me on the purchase etc. they are very attentive and quick to respond back. I hope that this helps you as I have gone to great lengths to prove to myself the quality of the product. As for me I would make another purchase from this company. Happyspinning smiley sticking its tongue out with my rings and the rings did appraise out higher than what was paid for them.

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