Diamond district

Posted by Kim Mansfield 
Diamond district
December 22, 2005 11:49AM
Where is the diamond district and how can I best get there when coming from out of town on either the train or by plane? Thanks, kim
Re: Diamond district
December 22, 2005 11:59AM
West 47th St. between 5th-6th Avenues is the Diamond District. If you know your gemstones, it's possible to get a good deal. But if you're not a gem expert, I'd suggest buying diamonds only through a reputable dealer, such as Fortunoff's.
Re: Diamond district
December 27, 2005 03:48PM
FYI, I wouldn't trust them. I'd stick w/Fortunoff's (there's one on 5th), Michael C. Fina, DeBeers (new place on 5th), even Tiffany's.

Diamond District is a tad bit shysti (did I spell that right?) in my opinion. Only an opinion though.
Re: Diamond district
December 27, 2005 04:00PM
I agree with oracle and bxgrl...I looked there for rings and felt it was a little sketchy.
Re: Diamond district
December 28, 2005 07:46PM
There are amazing deals in the diamond district you just have to know where to go. You can get higher quality jewelry for a fraction of the price of Tiffany's, Cartier etc...I used to work for a woman who was a multimillionaire and she would get almost all of her jewelry made at a store in the area.

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Re: Diamond district
January 18, 2006 09:25AM
this week's issue of New York magazine says Diamond Co. at 62 W. 47th St is a reliable shop in the diamond district.
Re: Diamond district
January 26, 2006 12:16AM
I would like to know if anyone has dealt with Bruce Fabricant at 1, West 47th St. in NYC. Who could I contact to find out his reputation, if no one on this list knows? My fiance, against my urging, did not insist on a formal receipt for his deposit (a large one) for a ring to be made up within 2 weeks. This happened Monday afternoon. The check has already be withdrawn from his account. I am very nervous after I read the diamondhelpers.com article on scams. I cannot sleep tonight and need to know what this man's reputation is. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?
Re: Diamond district
January 26, 2006 08:15AM
I've certainly have heard of Bruce Fabricant b/c they've been in bussiness for quite a long time. I understand you nervousness. Here' the number to NY Better Bussiness Bureau 212-358-2800 Selection #3 you can recieve information about a bussiness for $5.00 or go directly to there web site www.newyork.bbb.org. This might give you peace of mind to see if their have been any previous complaints.

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Re: Diamond district
January 26, 2006 12:07PM
Thank you for your information. My fiance went online to the NY Better Business Bureau. Bruce Fabrikant's family has been in the business since around 1910 (he told me when we were there). There have been no complaints about him in the last 36 months, which I suppose is how far back the Bureau goes? This makes me feel substantially better so far. He is also listed on the Pricescope.com site as being a dealer (they have a forum I think hosted by jewelry dealers who seem to be interested in educating the public).
Re: Diamond district
December 08, 2006 02:48PM
three co-workers of mine recently purchased rings/diamonds from Golda Jewelry Co at 29 W. 47th St, and all were very pleased with their purchases and the service.
Re: Diamond district
February 12, 2007 10:10AM
In regards to Bruce Fabricant. Mu entire family has done business w/ this establishment. My sister, brother-in-law, best friend, cousin, and business partner have all used his services. Today I am sending a check for $2200.oo for a g rated vsi 114 point ( totaL WEIGHT) DIAMOND earings for my wife ( Valentines day)

His personallity could use some wd-40 but he always beats the prices of any other Jewlers in the area.

Hope this helps

Dave Parise C.P.T.
Re: Diamond district
June 01, 2007 05:19PM
Wendy, your message is tacked on to an old disccusion. You need to start your own thread. Click on the link for New Topic and try again. You're more likely to get responses if people can see your query.

That said, Super Shuttle is a horribly run company staffed by rude people who have no idea how to treat a customer, or how to find their way around New York, for that matter. They are to be avoided!

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