Safe areas of Manhattan

Posted by daveman 
Safe areas of Manhattan
May 31, 2005 03:33PM
I have been looking for an apt in Manhattan and Astoria, Queens. I need to know where to avoid in Manhattan. Is 114th st by 1st Ave area a decent area? I know that is Harlem and may not be so safe. I have also heard that it is up and coming these days, so I figured I would ask. Also, if anyone knows any other areas in Manhattan to try, that may be safer now than they were a few years ago, please let me know. My price range is low to moderate. I am primarily looking for a share apt now, not so much looking to rent my own place.
If anyone knows any good roomate finding places, websites, or otherwise, please let me know. I have looked online on Craigslist, The Voice, and Is it easier to find a share at an affordable rate in Manhattan? Like around $700 to 1k? Thanks so much for any insight.
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
May 31, 2005 03:42PM
No, that's a definitely un-great part of East Harlem. Lots of Mexican immigrants live around there and aren't killed, of course, but that location is pretty darn low on any New Yorker's list of desirable spots, and the crime rate is definitely higher than it is in most of the rest of the city.

For "low to moderate" and "safe," you need to be outside of Manhattan.
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
May 31, 2005 07:01PM
Okay if that was on the West Side it would be a different story. I live at 112th Street on the West Side and while it isn't the best neighborhood it isn't bad either. I am getting my rent for less than $1000 for a SMALL (like 250 sq feet) studio. There are cheap apartments to be found on Manhattan it just might take a while. My friend found a 2 bedroom for $1850 per month on the East side at 90th. To share you are much more likely to get a cheap place. A girl I work with has a 2 bedroom at 94th on the East side for $750 each! Just keep looking. If you need to sublet so you can continue to look explore that option. Your price range is definitely acceptable for Manhattan, you just have to search a bit more than those paying $5000 per month. Good luck and keep on craigslist we all found our places on there! smiling smiley
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
May 31, 2005 07:02PM
oops forgot to add in Manhattan safe = East side lower than 100th and West Side lower than 116 (Columbia University).
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
June 01, 2005 10:05PM
Thanks for the replies guys. Red, I especially thank you for your insight on 114th st area. I won't be looking there anymore, much rather Queens, Brooklyn, or even Staten Island. How about Roosevelt Island? I have a potential roomate there (brother of my sister's friend's cousin, but that's better than any complete stranger I guess) and I wanted to investigate it further because I didn't know how much of a pain in the rear it would be if, say th TRAM were to be down or the subway flooded? I guess it is a nice little community otherwise.
As far as rent goes, I am looking at 700 to 1,000 for a share. Not my own 1 bedroom or studio. Is this going to be impossible in Manhattan, or is it just kind of keep looking and be patient? I am going to Hunter College in the Fall and would rather be in Manhattan because that is where I am going to work as a Paramedic. Both school and work on Manhattan makes me look a little harder than I would otherwise. I am also looking around Astoria and LIC.....

Thanks for eveyone's help, Dave
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
June 08, 2005 02:40PM
Dave--if you can spend 700-1K for a share, you should have no problems finding a share very close to Hunter College. I live in the neighborhood and really like can often find 2BR apts in the area from 1750-2000. You will probably also have good luck in the East Village finding a decently priced share arrangement. Go to and you will see all of the shares available-all over the city.
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
June 09, 2005 01:17PM
I'd say West Side is fine below 125th, and fine again in Washington Heights. Actually, West Harlem is pretty darn safe overall.

Washington Heights is a cute Spanish neighborhood. Not desirable because it is so far, but cheap food, young families (mostly spanish, white, and Dominican) and lotsa gentrification going on. It is where Columbia Medical School is, along with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, and its not far from CCNY.

Try Bway in the 170's. My boyfriend has a beautiful apt up in that area of Washington Heights and it has a cute nightlife too. Also the A Express is there, takes you 15 minutes to get to midtown!

On the East side, try Yorkville. Very reasonably priced and very safe. A bit more $$$ than Washington Heights.

Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
July 25, 2005 09:10PM
Okay, I'm a little late on this thread but I couldn't help but chime in. After living in East Harlem (112th and 2nd) for over a year I have learned one important lesson:
Don't pontificate about parts of the city you have never lived in.

East Harlem -- ESPECIALLY 114TH AND 1ST!!! -- is a wonderful, friendly, safe, family-oriented, charming neighborhood. I am a single white girl who wanted to live in a diverse neighborhood where I would actually know my neighbors and I couldn't be happier. My biggest problem here is getting invited to too many barbeques on the weekends. We have lots of great restaurants like Ricardos, Camaradas, and Itzocan -- read the NY Times to find out more. 114th and 1st is along Jefferson Park which has a lovely and brand new track that I run on most mornings. Rao's is on the corner, a legendary italian restaurant frequented by Victoria Gotti and Guilani, and there is a woman named Anna who has lived on the block for over 40 years and sweeps the sidewalk each morning.

Anyway, my point is...don't talk about what you don't know. East Harlem is great. Check the nypd website if you want real numbers/stats on crime -- anecdotes (even mine) mean nothing if you are concerned about safety.
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
July 26, 2005 10:50AM
"Rao's is on the corner, a legendary italian restaurant frequented by Victoria Gotti ...."

Way to go, spahachic! I like people who stand up for their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, RAO's and Gotti are not what most on this site would associate with concepts like "safe" and "low-crime".

Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
July 29, 2005 05:45PM
true, true...although victoria gotti seems more concerned with breaking a nail than breaking anyone's face. it's funny though...i think most people are more afraid of hard-working mexican immigrants (oooohhh....danger) than they are of wealthy italian-americans with mafia connections and rap sheets longer than 10 mexican immigrants combined. sigh.

i wouldn't really want these people (anyone with too many preconceived notions to actually develop a true appreciation for east harlem) moving into my neighborhood anyway.
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
August 08, 2005 04:18PM
Is the East Village safe for a single 20 year old college student doing a 3 month internship in NYC who may be coming home alone in the evening?
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
August 08, 2005 05:31PM
And by 40's and lower 50's I, of course, mean 140's and lower 150's.

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