How ghetto?

Posted by Gangsta Girl 
LeFrak City Projects, Far Rock, Queensbridge, Astoria Projects, Ravenswood Projects, and Southside Jamaica Queens is KILLASZ
Re: How ghetto?
June 24, 2009 01:01PM
Queens is vary big and very diversted and that's why their are clean places to hoods. But the entire borough is not wrecked. South Queens which are neighborhoods around JFK including: Far Rock, Ozone Park,Springfield, Jamaica, Laurelton, Howard Beach, Wood Haven, Shady Vill, Then back up to Flushing, L.I. City, Hollis, Bay side, rego Park, Queens Bridge and other spots hear and their are hood. But then some spots have upper Suburbs like Whitestone, Rosedale and most of Cambria. Its a mix. An some one said if you walk down the street you will not just get robbed. Yes, for the most part, but im from Laurelton- Jamaica and if your out side late night by your self or with out a strap, get inside or your @#$%&. But that's not only in the hood, that's any where, where N*ggaz is hungry. The Other day i was walkin' home from Merrick Blvd and right as i left the store this one nigga took a shot at the other, by the time ran 2 blocks the cops came already. The Popp. of Queens is 2.3 mill so there are also alot of projects but its the largest borough so its not like Brooklyn. Another reason the crime rate in NYC is so low is because, alot of crimes are uncounted for. People are not counted as murder but only missing. Streets like Jamaica Ave, which is a major shopping Hub with thousands of people on it is home to 100 of murders, robbery's, auto theft, and assaults every year. Where every you put alot of people. Sh*t is bound to happen.

How I know?

Cuz Queens is home
Re: How ghetto?
July 15, 2009 07:56PM
Well, moth of the city is Ghetto but because Queens is so large it has really nice parts like White Stone and Cambria, but central and Southern Queens is where most of the Hoods are, but if your from Baltimore which is also a @#$%& up city, you should feel right at home. Ive never been to Baltimore but from what I hear its just a smaller version of NYC. But Queens is only dangerous if your in some shit you don't need to be in. Im from Jamaica and its my home so I don't get robbed or shot at but, they do let off guns at almost every part. And PS stay off the BLVD's and AVE's at night. And you'll be straight.
Re: How ghetto?
May 05, 2010 01:15PM
To choppacityloc kentioning Maurice Parker. That's my man Mo Greasy. He was shot 6 times. 2 in the face. 2 in the chest and 2 in the abdomen. Yeah they were MS13. The most aldangerous gangs of NYC are kings, bloods, crips and then Mexican/salvadorian gangs what hPpened is that people slept on them thinking who gives a f&@k about these Mexican fat heads and by beig slept on slowly and surely they grew to huge numbers. The MS13 guy who actually did it is aken care of word is on the street. He caught it bad. Queens is really bad the problem with wha these people are saying is that queens has good neighborhoods. The problem is that. They don't belong to this world and so have no idea abou this city beneath the city. So to be honest queens is f$&ked up just avoid looking aggressive towards. Anyone in any neighborhood and your good to go. Even the youngins who aren't really "gangsta" would do something just to earn that rep. But if you just don't mix with that crowd and don't get into this world then your good to go. People say ny isn't as bad. It's may 2010 and we already have 143 documented murders. Just because it doesn't show up on tv doesn't mean it's not happening.
Re: How ghetto?
April 09, 2011 03:57PM
I visit Queens rather often and as any other city, you must be selective and obtain info. about its history from local agencies such as law enforcement, fire department, school systems etc. but I have traveled many cities and I have by far seen worse crime go down other than Queens such as Newark,NJ... I find Queens to be a really historical & pleasant area to visit...
Re: How ghetto?
July 27, 2011 10:22PM
Are you people crazy? I've lived in queens for over 10 years, was raised in nice sub-urban areas and military bases so I think I can give an objective opinion. Queens is pretty nice. Even the "bad" areas aren't that bad. Yeah, stuff happens but people are also found chopped up in the woods in New Hampshire too. I've lived in Briarwood, Maspeth, Middle Village, have friends and fam in Jackson Heights, Lefrak, Astoria, Springfield Gardens, Richmond Hill, Jamaica, Whitestone; all good. I would stay out of East New York at night and that's pretty much it. If "ghetto" means a little dirty and not pretty then yeah, there are some not so nice looking spots but you will not likely get shot or robbed, it's just a lower income area. The worst thing that might happen to you is you might get ripped off by a car service.
Are you gangbanger dudes for real? so sad.
Re: How ghetto?
December 03, 2011 01:55PM
Far Rock, southside and queensbridge, nuff said
Re: How ghetto?
February 21, 2012 11:23PM
NON GHETTO: Whitestone, Clearview, Bay Terrace, Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck, Fresh Meadows, Utopia, Hillcrest, Jamaica Estates, Hollis Hills, Holliswood, Florial Park, Rosedale, Cambria Heights, Howard Beach, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Oakland Gardens, Astoria, Astoria Heights, Kew Garden Hills, Brookville and Kew Gardens.

PARTIALLY GHETTO: College Point, Rego Park, Glendale, Long Island City, and Ravenswood.

GHETTO: The Whole western portion of the Rockaway Peninsula: Far Rockaway, Averne, and Hammels. Jamaica, South Jamaica, Springfield Gardens, Laurelton, Locust Manor, Corona, Jackson Heights, Woodside, Maspeth, Haberman, and Woodhaven
Re: How ghetto?
April 04, 2012 12:12PM
Trust and belive all those places you named have hoods that youv'e never been in the surroundings are cafes dog walking and happy go lucky but the parts you know you will not go to are where the hood is.
Re: How ghetto?
May 20, 2012 11:19PM
Believe me I've lived in Baltimore City and queens. I'm originally from Far Rock aand its not that bad. If you can survive in a messed up war-zone like b-more then queens is nuthing
Re: How ghetto?
July 05, 2012 05:03PM
Okay so check it im from a really small town its like population: 200 and on the 20th im goin to queens to visit some family. I wanna go check out the ghetto parts for myself. Im curious as to see if its really as dirty and cruel as the movies portray it. Should I be scared? Should I like pack a knife or something? I have pepper spray should I make sure to bring it?
Re: How ghetto?
July 06, 2012 06:24AM
farmers daughter, don't bring weapons, you will be fine. geez.

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