How ghetto?

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Re: How ghetto?
October 13, 2013 08:56PM
Ive lived in Queens for 7years already and ive been through everywhere. I wouldnt say that Queens is a "nice" place. I bet that none of you folks ever stepped further than the long island area. If you go further youll see that theres alot of gang activity and graffiti all over the walls.And NO drive by shootings do happen it takes less than 3 seconds for a shooting to occur. I dont know where people say queens is "NOT" ghetto when they have never ever EVER been there I live in Queens trust me its not very nice when you have to go through streets full of 30 or more gang members....anyways good luck on all yall people living outside queens. Even through the rap industry,most rappers were raised in QUEENS.
Re: How ghetto?
December 27, 2013 12:18AM
Ya clearly dnt know Queens those places ya miss is full of gangbangers! I gotta go with ma clique or else ya get jumped but only at night.NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIFE STEP IN NORTHERN BLVD" from 110st to 100st these blocks are hot. Queens police dont even care.them 10 blocks will get you hurt i live in 110st (the worst block).why? Well cuz houses there are like 300 dollars a literally hear them so called gun shots. It happens so quickly all cuz of drug dealing and gangbanging. Last time this girl was walking to buy something in a deli and she got shot cuz someone assaulted her for her iphon.ALL THIS NEVER COMES IN THA NEWS YA HEARD!!!!!!
Re: How ghetto?
December 27, 2013 12:27AM
QUEENS is the worst place to even live its like them 80s crack epedimec still going on trust me ive been through there youll see people sleeping in the street, gang fights,trash all over,graffiti tons of it, old abandoned houses which become drug houses,screaming, and alot of big cliques hanging out stealing and killing them rivals. If ya wanna live in queens hoods ya gotta be a very strong careful person cuz it going down badly...
Re: How ghetto?
September 21, 2014 12:11PM
I would consider Jackson Heights, Woodhaven Woodside, Glendale, partially ghetto. Rego Park is nowhere near ghetto. Richmond Hill with it's wannabe gangsta Guyanesse and wannabe gangsta Hispanic
Re: How ghetto?
June 13, 2015 09:26PM
Even to this day im scared to death to walk around east elmurst is very gang infested but its close by the airport and i usually stay in nearby hotels. I would consider ghetto since every day there is a murder somewhere in the area.
Re: How ghetto?
September 12, 2015 08:18AM
Queens varies greatly and dramatically....

This goes for everything, especially culturally... One min you are walking down the block and it's all Spanish people and you cross the street and it's completely Indian and you cross the street from hat and it's completely Chinese... Black... White... And from those groups it breaks down into more groups example: Jewish don't mess with no one else than Jewish people and they can be very nasty people...

This goes for everything including food, store owners, the signs on everything you read... It's very culturally diverse. On that note, things can become segregated and therefore gangs form...

Queens can look very nice which is true but it's so you know around here... If you just mind your business and keep it moving and you don't look like an outsider than nothing major will happen... The worse that can happen is get robbed or jumped but that's about it.

There is some kind of danger wherever you go in the world just keep that In mind.

But queens crime just doesn't get publicity like that... I know people that get jumped, stabbed, killed, hurt, robbed and no reports anywhere.

At the end of the day people that commit these acts never want to get caught so they keep a low profile... You aren't going to see people standing outside making a spectacle of hard they are. People just know not to f--- with certain people and If you don't know... Good luck!

Just because you visit friends in these neighborhoods and it looks nice and you never witnessed anything doesn't mean shit...

Queens people like nice things... So they try to look nice and have nice things... We can be a little snobby lol we r never going to look rich but always try to keep a decent living area and we always look to impress so as far as expecting the bad people of queens to look "ghetto" is not going to happen.

Some rapper was gunned down and killed here in queens about a month ago.... I did not hear it publized like that, go figure. My neighborhood is embarrassing, the population is changing dramatically, it's becoming dirtier and there is only two white people left on my block who look like they wanna leave but they r old and aren't going anywhere. I can walk down the block comfortably because I know who not to f--- with. A month ago my neighbor went down the street to get some beer and he got assaulted for it By some a--h0les... He said he never thought that would happen to him. Across the street some a--h0les walk into the house to steel bikes - witnessed by someone I know but they had to keep their mouth shut. My other neighbors got burglarized while they were sleeping... They woke up to an empty house... Lol

But my neighborhood looks nice... Lol - Elmhurst

Anyway queens is huge.. Most areas are so beautiful But some areas which is only a handful is pretty bad... U just have know where to rest at..

Lefrak, Jamaica - I've seen people get robbed and hurt in broad daylight and no one will help
Re: How ghetto?
April 03, 2016 04:03AM
80% of homicides occur in queens and 50% are in the area of East elmurst. Stay safe I hate ghetto places and I'm scared. This place reminds me of the ghetto trenches in Africa only with concrete sidewalks and roads that's all. I always hear gunshots... today I heard 14 shots from thugs trying to claim their territory. I'm sad cuz that was the neighborhood raccoon. Yep raccoons also moving out east elmurhst . It's real out here. It's funny cuz I see them tourists watching the areas crime with binoculars and taking videos like they were in an African safari. Dam they messed up, I feel like an animal. Sooner or later we gonna have bear grills in the hood! "This is called a gat, folks.. in the wild you need to stay strapped" *insert British accent*...

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