upper east side versus upper west side

Posted by jbstarrs 
I will be moving to NYC next summer, and am beginning my exploration now in regards to where I should live in the City. I'm wondering the differences between living on the Upper East Side versus the Upper West Side.
I am also wondering if there are other areas to live in Manhattan that are clean and safe. I would like to know, specifically, buildings, streets,and locations that are relatively quiet. I stress the "relatively".
Any direction and starting point you could give me would be wonderful!
Re: upper east side versus upper west side
September 19, 2010 09:23PM
more transportation options (subway) on the upper west side. some friends of mine live on upper east side, way east, and walk 15 min to the subway, a real drag.
upper west has a more family-ish vibe, lots of shops and restaurants, neighborhood-y feel, in my opinion. I'm sure others will come on with opinions. I'd pick upper west over upper east, pesonally.
plenty of nice, safe areas in manhattan. chelsea, gramercy park area, west village, you'll pretty much have no worries about safety anywhere under about 96th St. there are plenty of safe places above 96th st, don't get me wrong, but below you can pick pretty much anywhere and it'll be safe. nice and tidy clean is another story! upper west is good for that, though.
What do you think about the SoHo, Tribeca area???
Moving there (to the City) in October.
September 20, 2010 01:04AM
My msg:

"What do you think about the SoHo, Tribeca area???
Moving there (to the City) in October."

To Kelly btw. ^_^
Re: upper east side versus upper west side
September 20, 2010 05:50AM
Tribeca and soho can be empty (ish) at nigh but are really not dangerous at all
Re: upper east side versus upper west side
September 20, 2010 05:50AM
Tribeca and soho can be empty (ish) at nigh but are really not dangerous at all
Re: upper east side versus upper west side
September 20, 2010 10:34AM
I think they would be great places to live, if you can afford it! Expect very high prices.
Re: upper east side versus upper west side
September 29, 2010 06:38AM
The Upper East Side (UES) and Upper West Side (UWS) have their advantages. I live on the UES and its very quiet, clean, and nice over all. I've been to the UWS as well, and its the same. I do agree that the UWS is more family oriented, and the UES is more young professional, but they're both good neighborhoods. There is a bit more of a walk to the subway if you live east of 2nd avenue. The closer you live to Lexington (to get the 4,5,6), the better, but the walk isn't horrible. If you live between 2nd and 1st (like me), the walk is about 5-10 minutes - but that also depends on which street you live on. I live on East 85th, and the closest subway to me is on East 86th and Lexington. If you live in between the subway stops on the streets, you could be looking at a longer walk, or shorter if you live closer to the street stop (hopefully that isn't too confusing). You will get cheaper apartments on the UES than the UWS. I've heard several NYC real estate brokers say this, and its actually true. You will get more for your money on the UES, and you won't really have to sacrifice much. The further you go downtown, the more it costs. The further about 96th street, the less it costs, but the safety issue comes into play. The West and East Village are really nice, around Union Square, Gramercy, and so on, but they are more expensive. NYC isn't what it used to be 20 years ago, when it used to be dirty and messy...for the most part, its clean in almost all areas. But you'll definitely get your money's worth on the UES, and then the UWS. Good luck!
Hey, I'm Living in UWS. It's really nice there. The Subway isn't far. But it is expensive (3 People, 1P = 800$).
I have lived on the UES & I live on the UWS now. I've also lived all over downtown & midtown. I am a small woman who frequently goes jogging or walking around at ungodly hours, like 4am & have never felt unsafe in any neighborhood. As far as UES vs UWS I'd have to say UES without any hesitation. It's quiet at night, but it's also a quick, cheap taxi ride to the villages where everything is going on at night anyway. I also think the 6 train has the most convenient stops IMHO. At least it stops everywhere I regularly need to go. The UWS just feels dirty to me, and like there are shady areas right in the middle of nice areas. For example, walking up Park Ave, or Madison Ave. you can tell all the buildings are really nice to live in even though they're old, but on the UWS I can't tell if a building is a nice, historic residence, or a month-by-month rental building. I live by Columbus Circle now, which is convenient, but I don't really like it when I have to go any further north than the Lincoln Square neighborhood. The neighborhoods seem run down compared to the UES. Other than the museums I can't see any reason at all to travel above the mid 70s on the UWS. So far my favorite neighborhood is the West Village, and SoHo & TriBeCa are neighbors, so that's beneficial.
Wow Anna - I'm amazed by your dismissive and uninformed attitude about the upper west side (which by the way, is NOT Columbus Circle). From the 80s to 120th Street you find some of the most beautiful architecture in NYC, great parks, increasingly wide array of good restaurants, Symphony Space, and some of the best schools, specialty food stores, bars, beer gardens and river views in the city. (Ever hear of Zabar's?) It is an area where you find every age, every race, every socioeconomic group, every nationality - not like so much of the lily white rich UES. You should be a little more open minded and get out of midtown - come up to the real UWS and experience the real New York.
The Upper West Side is dangerous.
Populated by crack-crazed minorities and old communist Jewish ladies who will chase after you with their walkers, screaming at you that the Rosenbergs were innocent and Code Pink is the org. to join.
No. The Upper East Side--at least between 5th and Lexington Avenues--is far more 'acceptable'.
And all the good private schools are there. Your children won't get sodomized by some HIV-infected upper westside indigent.
And did I mention that all the upper west side buildings smell of urine?
Only go over there if you just MUST see dinosaur bones or have to endure the opera.

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