Should a mosque be built near ground zero?

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Re: Should a mosque be built near ground zero?
September 27, 2010 11:08AM
by Blk_Oblivion September 27

The People Behind The Mosque
September 26, 2010

Scott Pelley looks at the national debate that has flared up around Ground Zero in New York City over opposition to building an Islamic Center and prayer room nearby.

Good interview except for allowing crazy hate baiter Pamela Geller even a second to advertize her fear-mongering and fact-less conspiracy theories.


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Some people, especially those who do not really travel the world, and have not visited the Muslim countries, cannot understand why so many reasonable, moderate people who lived through 9/11 do not want the symbol of Islam to go up right near the Ground Zero site. The issue is not religious tolerance. There are over 100 mosques in NYC and more are being built every year, especially in Brooklyn and Queens that have sizeble Muslim communities. It's a sensitive issue and the imam in the center of controversy is apparently more interested in this controversy continuing - I guess it imroves his chances of getting more money from the oil rich nations of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc. When Obama and the other "activists" talk about "the radical minority" they understate the reality - radical Islam is much more popular and prevalent, especially in the Persian Gulf, than those politicians claim. Let's rememember that Bin Laden is still extremely popular in such supposedly moderate countries as Egypt, Jordan and Syria. And in Saudi Arabia, the vast majority of the population supports restrictions on women and basic freedoms. If anything, the populace at large is more conservative than the more moderate, pro-American rulers. Yes, there are such moderate Muslim nations as the most populous Muslim nation Indonesia. And the Muslim minotiry in India and Malasya are rather moderate. But not so in the homeland of the Imam that wants to to build this Cordoba center. And he still would not denounce Hamas that organized quite a few suicide bombigs in Israel, targeting the innocents and advocating the Sharia-based society on all of Palestine.

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