Is Harlem safe?

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Harlem safety
April 28, 2012 09:25PM
Is the followimg address in harlem safe:
69 Tiemann
(Broadway and W125 street)

We are visiting and hav ea place to stay at this address and would like to know the neighbourhood.
Thank you
Re: Is Harlem safe?
September 22, 2012 09:06PM
Its ok as long as you dont do anything stupid. Dont walk around late at night (past 9 pm) by yourself, dont flash any jewelery, cellphones, or cash, and dont mess with anybody or smirk at them. If you're a hawt young lady, your chances are higher than if your not as pretty.
Re: Is Harlem safe?
October 12, 2012 08:36PM
Any thoughts on 141st off Amsterdam Ave.? Single mid 20's Welsh male looking to experience the real NYC?
Re: Is Harlem safe?
October 26, 2012 01:55PM
Will be staying T 145TH/BROADWAY, found lovely place that got excellent revies, landlady insists if safe. Traveling with my brother 48, my son 21 and dtr 20. The only concern I have is my dtr may have to ride subway to or from this area to go dance at Alvin Ailey, would she be ok alone? Last time we stayed LES and she rode subway to Ailey and back by herself at night. Any tips appreciated .. Please email me at lakes70 im at aol dot come.

thanks smiling smiley
Re: Is Harlem safe?
April 03, 2013 05:06AM
I love your answer! Best one by far!
Re: Is Harlem safe?
April 03, 2013 05:08AM
Bardo[/b], I think your answer was the best!
Re: Is Harlem safe?
January 30, 2016 04:18AM
Hi! Can someone tell me please where are the West Africans in Harlem? I am at the U.S. visiting and would like to visit the area with people who speak French.

I know America has a problem with racism. Is black racist of white or is it only white racist of black? I have made friends with people of Ghana et Senegal, but I wonder if West Africans in America are different because the problems of racism in America?
Re: Is Harlem safe?
March 23, 2016 10:53PM
I'm Italian, my family, friends and I will visit NYC end of October. We've found a great apartment in East Harlem on Airbnb with good reviews. Checking on Internet I still read different opinions about staying in this area... We'll be 7 people plus 2 babies (about 1 year old). I've already been in NYC in 2014, me and my husband stayed near Times Square... In 6 days we've visited many areas of NYC (like Harlem but not east Harlem) and never, never, felt uncomfortable. My doubts and fears are four our little girls... I can't imagine how to face a bad situation with them.
Thank you in advance for your replies smileys with beer and greetings from Milan
Re: Is Harlem safe?
April 03, 2016 09:12AM
Yes. Harlem is safe. I've been living here over a 20 years. The 90s were kinda tough but everything is peaceful now after 26 years... I haven't heard a gunshot in more than a decade! Everything is alright you can check stats. Harlem had 5 murders in 2015. While other areas in nyc like in queens had 80-100 murders. I LOVE HARLEM always will!!!!

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