Cattleman Restaurant

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Re: Cattleman Restaurant
February 25, 2012 06:16AM
I got engaged at the Cattleman in November of 1988. My youngest daughter is turning 16 and wants to go to NYC to celebrate and I suggestged going there. Im sooo sad to hear they have been gone for so long sad smiley
Very good Jerry on remembering that Larry and Lynne lived in the Rhinelander Mansion at 865 Madison Avenue! They leased the 4th floor from Denvia Realty Co. of which Edgar de Evia was the Presdent. De Evia made his home on the fourth and fifth floors for over 15 years. In 1956 his partner Robert Denning and he took a net lease on the building and became the "landlord" to the Rhinelander Florist, the Pharmacy on the corner and offices on the second floor. He made the third floor into his photographic studios. When Denning and he broke up in the early 1960s, he reduced his residence to the fifth floor and rented the fourth floor to Larry until the end of the 10 year net lease in 1966.

Today the entire building is rented by Ralph Lauren as their flagship store.
SDB Wrote:
> The Cattleman Restaurant was actually located in
> the Fred F. French Building (located at the
> northeast corner of 5th Avenue and 45th Street)
> with the entrance to the restaurant just EAST of
> 5th Avenue on 45th Street.

Actually I've found three locations for the Cattleman, so far... There was this location, but even before there was a location on Lexington Avenue in 1961 and Cattleman West on West 45th Street.

So, did more than one of these locations operate at the same time? Which and in what years, from some of you that worked there?

From what I've seen in NY Times articles it would appear that the Lexington Avenue location was first - by the way I've started an article on Wikipedia on the Cattleman - I'm also on facebook so please contact me with any information you may have! Anyone have Larry Ellman's birthday? I plan to also start an article on him on Wikipedia as well...

One article said that he planned to open a Cattleman in White Plains, NY - Did that ever happen?
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
April 11, 2012 11:16AM
1966...we were all hanging out with jonathon ellman, larry's son. i remember going to their apartment in the afternoons. it was so much fun. and we'd go to the restaurant sometimes on the weekends. they were very nice to all us kids (we were middle-aged teenagers, then)
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
September 18, 2012 06:10AM
I'm one of Larry Ellmans sons. Igrew up in The Cattleman. I think I was about 6 when dressed up with cowboy vest and take guests to their tables. Larry lived at Rhinelander bldg with stepmom, me and brother Kevin. Dad still lives in NY.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
September 26, 2012 02:09AM
I worked as a Restaurant then regional Manager for Larry Elleman when he added the Steak & Brew Restaurants on Long Island to his empire. I remember going to the Cattleman when there there two of them and the Stagecoach would ferry customers back and forth between them nightly.

Wasn't there a scene in a movie that filmed a fist fight onboard that stage coach?

FYI: Larry invented the Salad Bar. First to serve free wine, beer and Sangria with dinner. Owned the two Cattlemans, the Riverboat in the Empire State Bldg. (featured Louis Armstrong) and the Steak and Brew chain on Long Island and New Jersey. A brilliant restauranteur.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
September 29, 2012 07:57PM
Oh, the Caeser salad, made fresh tableside, complete with raw egg - have never, ever had one as good in the entire 42 years since that first one!! How I wish the Cattleman was still there.....sigh!
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
October 24, 2012 07:10PM
So nobody remembers this large nude painting? Or what became of it?
Richard Paul
Steve paul
November 03, 2012 05:58PM
My brother worked for Larry back in the 60's and then opened The Scene

He died Oct,21

Re: Cattleman Restaurant
February 09, 2013 10:14PM
When I was in (all all-girls) college in the mid-60s, we were only permitted to stay at the Waldorf or the St. Pierre. Mr roommate and I were at the Waldorf before our prom at the St. Regis, and she had been out shopping, and realized she was running out of time and would be late for her hair appointment. I was on my way into the Waldorf when all of a sudden this stagecoach pulls up, and out jumps my roomie, who had somehow persuaded the driver to give her a lift! She always was a classy woman. More great memories!

I had lunch at The Cattleman in 1981 with a beautiful New York tall blond.
It was an experience , both of them.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
June 19, 2013 07:06AM
So many dad Alan Lewis worked with Larry in the early 70s readapting the Longchamps estate into the Autopub and rolling out Steak & Brews...The Cattleman was it in its time...glamour excess and fun

Trolling through the Village Voice archives you spot some old ads with the tag line at the bottom A world of food mood and music Larry Ellman President, Alan Lewis Vice-President...not afraid to sign off on themselves

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