Cattleman Restaurant

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Cattleman Restaurant
February 21, 2008 11:12PM
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
Posted by: Diane (
Date: February 21, 2008 12:18PM

Just what happened to the Cattleman Restaurant on the East Side? We always visited when I was a young adult on NYC trips. It was wonderful. It is true there is a Morgan's on the original site?
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
March 13, 2008 06:49PM
My family used to go to the Cattleman all the time while I was a kid. I remember there was always a stage coach out side. When you entered, it was like walking into an old western saloon. I also remember they had a movie room to keep the kids entertained while the adults ate. I think you got a ride in the stage coach after dinner.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
June 03, 2008 01:53AM
askanewyorker Wrote:
> Re: <b style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Cattleman</b> <b style="color:black;background-color:#a0ffff">Restaurant</b>
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> Date: February 21, 2008 12:18PM
> Just what happened to the <b style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Cattleman</b> <b style="color:black;background-color:#a0ffff">Restaurant</b> on
> the East Side? We always visited when I was a
> young adult on NYC trips. It was wonderful. It is
> true there is a Morgan's on the original site?
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
October 26, 2008 02:29AM
The Cattleman closed in 1989 after35 years at 45 west 45Th St of 5Th Ave
I worked there forTHE years 1965-1988 and must say working for the Ellman family was a great experience
Serving 2200 people on a sturday night from 4.30pm until 1.30am
With out a doubt he revolutionized the restaurant business in America with his innovative and amazing any of the family and crew of the cattleman thanks for the memories I still miss the place
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
October 30, 2008 04:36PM
Mitch...My oldest brother took me to the Cattleman in 1966 after a play at the Music Box. It was indeed a memorable experience. Thanks for your response.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
December 16, 2008 02:18AM
The Cattleman Restaurant was actually located in the Fred F. French Building (located at the northeast corner of 5th Avenue and 45th Street) with the entrance to the restaurant just EAST of 5th Avenue on 45th Street.
Mitch Mitcell, my dad worked at the same restaurant, you may remember him.

His name was Ovidio Torres from Puerto Rico. Do you remember him? He passed away last year.

Myrna Torres
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
April 09, 2009 12:21AM
I remember going to the Cattleman restaurant as a kid at Easter time. Every easter they would have all the rabbits in the front when you first walked into the restaurant then the easter bunny would walk around and give you a hand made balloon. After dinner was done and had desert you went immediately outside to ride in the stage coach. Those were the days and the city should bring them back the way they use to be. Thanks for the memories.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
April 10, 2009 01:11AM
WOW...the Cattleman! I worked there in the '80s with Mitchell and Peg, Dino, Nick, Chuck, Teddy, Juan, a French girl...and several other great folks. I can't believe I found this site! I remember Mr. Ellman coming in to eat with his incredibly handsome sons! They would eat in the dining car and I'd be beside myself seeing them. We served using garadone (sp?) carts...make Caesar salads on them, etc. I recall one day, the handsome Ellmans were in the dining car...I must've had 3 garadones in there, tripping over myself all flustered! It was so funny. We all had the BEST time working there...the piano bar...the singers. Best wishes to everyone who worked at the Cattleman...I miss you all!
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
May 12, 2009 09:07PM
Fond memories ...
Took my brother-in-law and newly wed wife to the Cattleman and told the Maitre 'd
of their honeymoon trip to NYC from FL. Best time of our life! The can can girl cam to table, sung, and up went dress so brother-in-law could remove/keep her garter. New sister-in-law, prim and proper Baptist from Florida panhandle almost had a cow ... but, in good spirit did laugh. Also remember fondly the cigars which the men received. Boy ... we did stink up the car on the way home to Princeton!

Those were the days. Cattleman for beef and Mama Leone's for Italian!

Prices were terrific and could not be duplicated today. Service was great and I bet that too can't be duplicated today!
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
June 06, 2009 03:51PM
Memories. A few of us guys would drive up to New York from Philly every St. Patrick's Day and check out the parade and drink a little. Went to OTB and, after a recommendation from a dearly beloved and savvy parent of one of our other friends we would go to Cattleman's for dinner each year. One year they had a performing clown all regaled in Irish green with an oh-so-fake Irish accent who went by the name of "Paddy O'Furniture". I miss those days and that restaurant. Yes, I miss Paddy too.
I worked at the Cattleman as a young waiter back in '65-'66. We used to take orders and deliver them to a guy in the kitchen who would bark the orders out to the chefs, then smack the paper order down on a long thin spike. On one occasion the guy went to slam my order on the spike and somehow managed to drive the spike clean through his index finger. He winced in pain, looked up, and ordered me to hold on to the wooden base of the spike so he could yank his finger free of it. He then rapped a towel around the bloody digit and resumed barking orders till he could be relieved.
Another time I waited on a large table of eminent Yankees, among them Mantle, Howard, Ford and others, including the owners. Between them they must have put away an entire cow. It stands out in my mind because when they got up to leave they stiffed me.
There were a lot of sardonic German guys in management positions at the Cattleman who spoke and cursed in perfect idiomatic English. When I was first hired they assigned me to work on the lower level where the waiters were mostly gay and it was there that I became privy to detailed conversations and banter about their sex lives, such details as I had never imagined, and which made my ears turn red.

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