Cattleman Restaurant

Posted by askanewyorker 
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
November 20, 2016 11:41AM
I was stationed at Fort Monmouth New Jersey in 1971 and made frequent weekend trips to the city. It became a habit to visit the Cattleman on Sunday afternoon before heading back to base.
What a great place. They treated me as if I was special. A nineteen year old kid dining alone. You could drink at 18 in New York back then. So I'd have cocktail, a great dinner and back I'd go. It may be my best memory of the city.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
November 27, 2016 01:50PM
I came a few times in th cattleman 45 th street. A geat experience ! Sitloin steak and jumbo shrimps plus personal l attention of a beautiful women to this dutch guy..... A unforgetteable memory....
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
December 08, 2016 09:13PM
Good Evening from deep in the Boreal Forest of Northern Ontario. I enjoy an interesting life, surrounded by nature and History. While sorting through the belongings of my Mother-in-law I discovered a 50 year old book entitled "The Cattleman's Steak Book". To quote page 11: "Just think of all the money we'd make
if all our cattle would cut to steak
We could well afford expensive feed
If we could raise an all steak breed"
From the moment I read this I was hooked. I love to cook, and from all of my experience, nothing satisfies like well cooked beef. Our family has been on the cooking side of eating for the last century, and beef has always been my favourite taste, aroma, or main course. Page 13 refers to how to buy beef. In addition to the suggestions, such as talk it over, favours go a long way with your neighborhood butcher. As I live in the most non-gmo, pesticide free, pest free environment, the food here is truly superior. In the last few years there has been an influx of Mennonite communities discovering our huge clay rock free soil. We can only look forward to what these farming professionals can raise on the hoof.

I will take it upon myself to try every recipe, and review it with the 4 other members of my direct gene pool and report to this community the results. I am really looking forward to " Tournedos Rossini", a wonderful way to enjoy a beef tenderloin.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
December 19, 2016 04:21PM
I just saw an old Cattleman Restaurant cookbook on ebay and ordered it. I worked for Larry Ellman starting in 1977 until 1984. He was one of the classiest guy's I have ever met. I met Larry again in the late 90's when he was talking about a new Cattleman, I think in Elmsford. I
met him at the site but I wasn't impressed with that space after having seen the original on 45th.
I think I met him a few times after that in Fairways cafe where he would stop to have lunch. Always a class act. I think it would amaze him that my partners and I finally opened a couple of restaurants. A real good guy.
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
February 27, 2017 11:32PM

That is one of the famed Cattleman's coaches. That is John Davis one of the original drivers. I was a kid who helped out the driver's Joe H. and John D. from 1976 on for a few years then became a driver myself. All at the 45th street location in the Fred F French Building. Drove Shawn and Silver the grey team and Chester and King the Belgian team. The restaurant staff was the best, always treated us great ...except the pesky cooks who would steal my cowboy hat and put it in the oven. I loved working there, took hundreds go guests all over town, to every theater, took probably thousands of kids on their birthday parties around the block. I yes I most assuredly remember the painting of the nude above the bar!
Re: Cattleman Restaurant
September 19, 2017 06:21PM
My Mom, and Aunt would take four young-in's there after a movie, and show at Radio City Music Hall. I was so lucky to be one of the kids! The waiters would bring warm napkins, and we'd sneak a napkin off our laps, and onto faces for a sec. The dinners were delicious, and later my Aunt would order vanilla ice cream with creme de menthe! Before we left we'd get trinkets. They had Cattlemen bracelets...

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