boss sauce or country sweet

Posted by Jessica 
It's Smitty's, everyone.
September 30, 2011 06:32PM
buzz buzzard Wrote:
> ok guys heres the scoop....snuffys ....started
> out as smittys.....he lost his store due to a
> employee dealing drugs out of it.....he then moved
> to anew store front downtown across from the
> granite bldg. around the corner from Jim's
> bar....he did as good or more so there than in his
> ghetto store over by St Marys hosp on Gennsee
> st.....he had to change the name to snuffys for
> legal reasons to be-able to keep going ...then he
> started bottling his sauce.under the SNUFFYS
> name,I still have an original bottle of SMITTY's
> and it still has his pic on the front..and that's
> how he let ppl know the new name was by putting
> his pic on the new lable..
> if u remember his first store u would know that
> he himself and only him would run the cash
> regester......and he and only him knew what his
> sauce was made of...all the other joints made
> there own style of sause.....and anyone who
> tells u they know what is in the sauce is full of
> bull/if u taste Boss Sauce to SNUFFYS diff
> to him being the first...i cant
> say..but i can tell u that u used to get 2 slices
> of bread and mac salad in a to go box..
> but the bottom line is that SNUFFYS is nothing
> More than SMITTY's SAUCE

This is correct. Followed Smitty from Genesse Street to South Ave to Corn Hill. Sometimes had to wait 2-3 hours for our order, but always was great!
Unfortunately, I moved away in 1992. I miss Smitty's, Country Sweet and Sals.

There was another chicken place called Diaz Chicken that had wonderful Puerto Rican Garlic Chicken... They seemed to be open at random times. LOL!
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
October 03, 2011 09:59PM
I live in Tennessee and had never tried Country sweet until a friend from New York brought me a gallon. There are a lot of wing and pizza recipes to be made with the stuff and it's delicious. I was trying to buy it online and haven't found a suitable seller for my needs but I did run across this recipe that is pretty darn close.:

1 cup sugar
2/3 cup prepared mustard
3/4 cup catsup
1/4 to 1/3 cup lemon juice
1/4 to 1/3 cup vinegar
1/2 to 2 tsp. pepper flakes

Combine all ingredients and cook low until thickened.

A simple recipe for sure but really usable. by experimenting with the variable amounts on lemon juice, vinegar, and pepper flakes and trying different vinegars and sweetener, I have a recipe I like even better than the original. Have fun!
bob o
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
December 23, 2011 11:36PM
Country sweet was not a "copycat". SNuffy's is a bbq sauce not a traditional Rochester style sweet sauce. N'Ot only that but his sauce is still available at most local Rochester stores. Snuffys was bbq and Country Sweet is fried chicken.
Get your fact straight.
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
December 28, 2011 06:09PM
could you send me the recipt for smittys sauce
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
January 04, 2012 07:17AM
Can someone please tell me where I can get some boss sauce and country sauce. I live in New Jeresy and I tasted it and been trying to find where I can get some
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
February 18, 2012 11:56PM
Hey FRANK! Oh My Goodness! I sure do remember Smitty's! I moved from Rochester where I was born and raised to Columbus OH and let me tell you these people don't know what hot sause is! Nor do they know what good Italian Bread or hotdogs are! hahahaha Every time I go back home I have to get the Country Sweet, Boss Sauce and Zweigles hot dogs. Sals' Birdland was also at the Olympic Park skating rink. REmember the round building? I'm not sure what's there anymore. Boy was that years ago...And're G'pa sure did know how to treat his are so right on that!
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
May 04, 2012 04:06PM
Oh man, This forum is bringing back some serious memories. I was born & raised in 'the Roch' & used to play sax in a Rochester Latin band...we used to cooook hard 'till all hours &, when the gig was over, get to Smitty's asap. I get happy thinking about those days. Smitty's was open 'till 3am & we'd walk in to James Brown blasting on the juke box & the place full of musicians on weekends. Does anyone remember the hot air heater at the counter that would melt little squares in your boots in the winter?
It's amazing how many people remember that sauce, but the fact that Smitty deep fried the bird before smoking it was a major factor in the experience. You could eat the whole thing, bones & all.
Smitty, where ever you are, I bow my head in gratitude.
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
May 22, 2012 10:07PM
Never had Boss but when I went to R.I.T. '88-'92 I went to the Ground Round for 5-cent wings and Country Sweet Chicken and Ribs.

I saw the location one time online and never ordered the small bottled sauce. I am arguing with a guy who I brought there 24-years ago about the delicious taste that still makes my mouth water.

Is it truly the same sauce? Is Boss better?


Re: boss sauce or country sweet
July 20, 2012 05:16AM
Smittys bird land was the only highlight of boring summer jobs in downtown Rochester in late seventies.lunch there was a pleasure. Half bird smothered in sauce, Mac salad and white bread. Sals is closest you get now, but not the same. Forum brought the memories flooding back!
yo born n raised in roch. luv my boss S. now i buy it and country sweet at tops n weggies in syracuse. two different but similar sauces i cannot live wit out. . upstate NY rules we taught the northeast how to eat. soup bones sellin at steak prices for buffalo wings, one shining example, hundreds more! seeya..
Atkins Wrote:
> That's the folklore, now here are the facts.
> Snuffy's was started on the East side of Rochester
> as a BBQ pit on Kelly St. He later moved to the
> West side. He was the first to have the "sweet,
> hot, spicy" family of sauces. He did not sale "HIS
> SAUCE", but had "problems" in keeping his business
> going. "Eddie's chicken Coop" was the next with a
> location on Portland Ave. Their recipe, which is a
> family secret, is red in color and all natural.
> the Portland location was very popular and
> customers would line up outdoors, even in the most
> challenging weather! Country sweet was a copy cat
> operation, when they couldn't work out something
> with either of the two predecessors. In 1983,
> Eddie Harris, his brother Jessie,Jr. and close
> friend C.W. Atkins,Sr formed American Specialty
> Manf. Co., marketing the sauce as "BOSS SAUCE". It
> is the most popular and still being manufactered

You are spot on my friend... I know Fast Eddie...and all u boss sause lovers have drugs to thank for the funds to make the prodution and sales possible... (crack in a bottle)
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
September 10, 2012 09:39AM
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