boss sauce or country sweet

Posted by Jessica 
boss sauce or country sweet
August 24, 2007 07:41PM
I am not sure if anyone knows about Boss sauce or country sweet sauce, it's a chicken sauce. I just moved from Rochester,Ny to Durham,nc. and I cant seem to find any chicken sauces down here, i miss my boss sauce! lol someone help!
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
November 18, 2007 06:40PM
Jessica Wrote:
> I am not sure if anyone knows about Boss sauce or
> country sweet sauce, it's a chicken sauce. I just
> moved from Rochester,Ny to Durham,nc. and I cant
> seem to find any chicken sauces down here, i miss
> my boss sauce! lol someone help!

go to and order you boss sauce. Bring home the best bring home the BOSS...

Jason Harris
Dir. of Internet Sales
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
November 26, 2007 09:13AM
For your information, you can also order many Rochester made products from the web site below, including Boss Sauce and Country Sweet. I have used them and they are great, just a bit pricey on the delivery... I've even had Abbott's custard sent to California and it arrived in great condition. Good luck, but how could you leave wonderful Rochester and all our fantastic things?
p.s. I was searching to find out what the difference between Boss and Country Sweet is...I have such a sensitive mouth even the mild Country Sweet is so spicy sometimes, I wondered if anyone had a sweeter/milder suggestion? smiling smiley
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
December 09, 2007 06:26PM
Here's a little folklore on the Rochester sauces:
The original sauce was made at a small chicken and wing restaurant on Portland Avenue called "Snuffy's" It's rumored that Snuffy sold his recipe for 8 million dollars. The new owners changed the name to "Boss Sauce". It is also rumored that the secret recipe was lost in a poker match. That new owner couldn't produce and market the sauce as "Boss Sauce", so they added a bit more vinegar, sugar, more red pepper, and that new sauce is called "Country Sweet". In the mean time, since Snuffy could no longer use his own sauce, he changed the recipe from the original. Unfortunately, his customer base was used to a certain taste from his chicken, and his business ultimately failed as they could now go to Wegmans and buy Boss Sauce, or drive to Country Sweet Chicken and get similar. This is the story that's been told around Rochester for years.
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
December 30, 2007 11:12PM
Here is a very close recipe for Boss Sauce. I also have a recipe for Nick's Hot Sauce for dogs and burgers.

Wing Sauce
1. 2 Cups cider vinegar.
2. 1 ¼ Cups sugar.
3. 6 oz. Honey (add more for thicker sweater sauce).
4. 6 oz. Mustard.
5. 2oz. Ketchup.
6. 3oz. Frank’s Red-Hot. ( Texas Pete )
7. 1ea. 6 oz. can crushed pineapple. Puree in blender.
8. Crushed red pepper flakes, your choice. 2 Tbs. = Med.
1. Combine first 3 ingredients and use medium heat until sugar is dissolved and watery.
2. Then add the next 3 ingredients.
3. Drain pineapple and puree in blender then add to sauce.
4. Add Red pepper flakes and bring mixture to boil. ( Caution: Boils over easily.)
5. Add 1Tsp. Cornstarch and water to boiling sauce to thicken.
6. Add 6-8 ice cubes to cool then simmer ½ hour.
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
February 29, 2008 02:28PM
love the country sweet mild. I have ordered countrysweet from new york deli website, but postage and handling cost can be high. I grew up in Rochester, new York, and remember Snuffy's and boss sauce when you would get a half chicken drenched in sauce, macaroni salad, a couple of slices of bread for $1.39. Later when I went to Geneseo State University a group of us would drive to Rochester at least once a week to get a dinner. The sauce was not bottled at that time. Countrysweet was opened later and that sweet and sour sauce was a true kick, I have been to every state in the union except Alaska, and could only get my 'fix' by going home, or having someone mail it to me. I now live in El paso, Texas. Imagine my surprise when I walked into an ALBERTSON'S on mesa street and found it on the shelf. I bought every jar they had. They will order whatever you want. Talk about courtesy Try looking there.
I only lived in Rochester for 3 years. My wife was born in raised in Rochester N.y.. When I first was introduced to boss sauce I was like what is the big issue. One week later I found myself going back for more. It was like a crack addict on cocaine you just can't get enough of it. My daughter comes to visit me in Palm Bay Florida at least twice a year she brings me a gallon of the sauce every time. I am thinking of opening a wing joint here and I know if I specialize with Boss Sauces and Country Sweet I can make a killing looking for investors. Let me know if you are interested. Locals only must be from Rochester NY so we can be on the same mind of thought.
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
March 16, 2008 12:38AM
That's the folklore, now here are the facts. Snuffy's was started on the East side of Rochester as a BBQ pit on Kelly St. He later moved to the West side. He was the first to have the "sweet, hot, spicy" family of sauces. He did not sale "HIS SAUCE", but had "problems" in keeping his business going. "Eddie's chicken Coop" was the next with a location on Portland Ave. Their recipe, which is a family secret, is red in color and all natural. the Portland location was very popular and customers would line up outdoors, even in the most challenging weather! Country sweet was a copy cat operation, when they couldn't work out something with either of the two predecessors. In 1983, Eddie Harris, his brother Jessie,Jr. and close friend C.W. Atkins,Sr formed American Specialty Manf. Co., marketing the sauce as "BOSS SAUCE". It is the most popular and still being manufactered on Portland Ave in Rochester, NY. It is primarily distributed in Western New York. It can be found in various locations throughout the United States via the internet (BOSSSAUCE.COM),it is shipped and/or can be shipped ANYWHERE! The uniqueness of the "BOSS SAUCE" is that it is classified as a Goumet After Sauce. To maintain it's natural unique flavor, it is to be DIPPED OR APPLIED to your favorite meat fish or dish - AFTER IT HAS BEEN COOKED OR PREPARED!
I moved from Rochester NY to Havelock, i cannot find that sauce anywhere either!
wow. this is great to see how many people around the country has had boss sauce or county sweet!! well i live in atlanta born in rochester and i do miss getting my sauce on, i just left the roc for a family Reunion and brought back one gallon and 8 jars lol! now a few years back they were advertising a restaurant here and to my surprise it was called "snuffy's original bbq and wings" i was a little leary of going and waited about maybe six months before i went there. and guess what???????? they were shut down with no explanation what so ever. i kind of figured that someone got caught trying to make on killing on snuffys awesome name. now my question is why do they sell boss sauce, country sweet and zwiggles hot dogs at walmart in rochester but not all over?
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
August 16, 2008 03:10AM
WOW! I have been craving "snuffy's" for years. I lived in Rochester from 1986-1990. I am amazed as to how many others out there like me. I currently live in New Orleans. With all the good food here...I still miss Snuffys, I will be ordering some sauce soon!
Re: boss sauce or country sweet
October 25, 2008 11:26PM
I am so glad to know that others crave Country Sweet/Boss Sauce. If it weren't so far, I'd drive there now for a fix. Thanks Dave for the recipe - I will have to try it. Now if someone would post the recipe for the mac salad and chicken they way they make it I'll be all set.

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