How do you pronounce "Stuyvesant"?

Posted by steph 
Re: How do you pronounce "Stuyvesant"?
May 20, 2009 02:30PM
I don't know what your problem is Really? I am an Australian who has lived in New York twice for short periods and I can honestly say they are some of the most polite and generous people I have ever met anywhere in the world and I have travelled extensively and also lived in other countries.
That is a DUTCH name:

it should be pronounced
as Stoivwesand !?
I am inclined to pronounce it:


The 'Stuy' part is obvious, it rhymes with 'Guy'.

The second part has always struck me as being similar to 'eve', (as in 'Yves St Laurent'). It is, however, easier to say 'yave'.

And the final part looks like it should be pronounced 'ont', (with, or without the 't', as is the custom in most european langauages).

This is probably wrong, but it is the best solution I have been able to find, without compromising on the integrity of the pronunciation.
Re: How do you pronounce "Stuyvesant"?
October 08, 2009 09:33PM
@angrynewyorker said"What are you making a pie?...The first thing you should learn about New Yorkers is that we don't have the time to do your homework. Everybody in the US pronounces all of those words the same, except for herbs, we say erbs."

You need to do your home work with Emilly Post or something similar -- you sound like a New York cab driver with a smartass attitude. As such I'm gonna leave you a tip: Act like you have manners, even though you weren't raised with any!

Secondly it's obvious that the poster is talking about pronounciation of certain PIZZA ingredients and not a PIE--you're a retard!

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Most likely angrynewyorker meant a "pizza pie", you know? It's a rather common expression. Also, I am assuming angrynewyorker is not developmentally disabled (or, a "retard" as you so eloquently stated), but rather a disgruntled New Yorker with too much time on their hands.

That said, however, no one is asking for anyone do their homework for them here angrynewyorker. This is a site devoted to helping and enlightening people, so if you're not interested in doing so, don't waste your time by writing that you don't want to help. Just stay off! Get your anger issues out in other, more productive ways.

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I love being a Stuyvesant.
Really, the first thing you need to know about New Yorkers is found in a letter from John Adams to his wife Abigail in which he states "New Yorker's talk incessantly and all at the same time. They will ask you a question and immediately answer their own question. (sounds like Fox news) Some things never change. The second thing is that they take any question as an insult and react accordingly (like Donald Trump). Thirdly, if they are behind you in traffic, you can't possibly drive fast enough to please them, they'll even honk at you in a car wash.

That about sums it up.

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