Dominican Hair Salon recommendations??

Posted by Jihan 
Dominican Hair Salon recommendations??
February 02, 2006 08:17PM

Can anyone recommend a good Dominican hair salon, near midtown?
contact info would be great.


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A girl I work with has one that she loves. Problem is, she won't be at work tomorrow so I can't ask her until Monday. I will post back on Monday with the name of the salon. She raves about it.
ok, this is the place my co-worker loves:
Kendra Beauty Salon, 212-864-5776, 220 W. 116th St.
sorry, it's not exactly midtown smiling smiley
You wont find any good dominican salons in midtown. The best place i can tell u is between 135 and 135 street on amserdam avenue. Take the 1 train to 137 or take the 101 0r 100 bus to 137 street. If ur willing to go to 116 then just go to more stops on the train to 137. this is the spot. I am a latina with long curly hair and when i get out of there it looks as if i used a relaxer (which i never do). Go and ask for josefina and she will blow out ur hair for 20 dollars.
Need to know the phone number for Josefina's salon. I would like to make sure that we have the exact location and that she will be there.

Essences Hair Salon, it's not midtown, sorry. It's at the Fulton/Broadway-Nassau stop. The number is 212-406-5120. They do a great job, you get in and out within an hour, and it's $20.
Can anyone recommend a great Dominican hair salon, near Downtown Manhattan (Lower Manhattan area?

contact info would be great with complete adress and telephone number.

Dominican Hair Salon Needed.

Can anyone recommend a good Dominican hair salon near Eastern Long Island?

Why Dominican Salon, why not Latin or Black? Kinky is kinky pretty much is my thought. My sister's Puerto Rican kinky hair (the other 3 of us girls got the Mexican side hair) is not much different than our black friends. Educate me please. Thanks
So Essences is a Dominican salon?
Essences charged me $30 for a deep conditioner, set, and blow out...not bad. My only issue was that the stylist used a blow dryer that was super hot...i will ask her to turn down the heat next time. My hair looks and feels pretty good.

In response to Salsa: Dominican hair salons and hair stylists, in my experience, focus more on hair health than other salons and therefore have been a great help in getting my hair back on track. In the past year, it's grown much longer and is much thicker and healthier.

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Thanks Monique! Sounds like you got a good bargain too.

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