mamma leone's

Posted by John 
Re: mamma leone's
November 07, 2008 02:34AM
I must say that I visited Mamma Leone's in 1974. I was one of the most magnificant meals I had ever enjoyed.
The atmosphere was warm and the patrons were colorful.
Re: mamma leone's
February 25, 2009 04:31PM
Does your Leones cookbook have a recipe for the sauce (light pink) that was served with their shrimp appetizer which was served to everyone. If so please send me the recipe or the exact title of the book.

Thank you.

Re: mama leone's
March 20, 2009 12:41AM
I'm reading Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani and it mentioned Mama Leone. Not being very Italian (although toured Italy), I was curious because my new 8 week old granddaughter was given the middle name of Leone after a deceased grandmother on her father's side. Was she famous for a restaurant in NYC or the song? Does Leone mean lion? Just curious.
Re: mamma leone's
June 20, 2009 02:40PM
HELP!!! I need to make Mama Leone's spaghetti sauce that uses beef, pork, chicken livers, etc. I had a cookbook from the 60's but we have been through a house fire and now I can't find it. Does anyone have this wonderful recipe???? Please send it to me. THANKS!!
Re: mamma leone's
September 30, 2009 02:16PM
My first trip to mamma leone's was in the late 60's (maybe as late as 1972.) The entre was duck in grape sauce--duck cooked 'til tender in a slightly sweet sauce with grapes. Not wine. So good I've never enjoyed duck done any other way, and I can't find the recipe anywhere. Is it in Gene Leone's cookbook? I get no hits from google, and have never found a recipe for duck anything like it.
Re: mamma leone's
December 22, 2009 04:38AM
It was Xmas very early 80's. My husband and my two young children along with two of our close friends enjoyed the most wonderful meal in the wine cellar. It was one of the best memories. The complete dinner was wonderful..The roast prime ribs of beef at that time was 22.00. That was a small fortune for us back then. I still have 3 menu's and a mamma leone's pin. I wish someone would bring mamma back with the same ambiance. Thank you Mamma
Re: mamma leone's
December 30, 2009 10:08PM
In the early 50's, I was a Cadet at West Point. If we were in uniform in line at Mama Leones,for reasons I don't recall,someone would immediately escort us to the front of the line .... was a gesture which I shall never forget! Thank you Mamma Leones!!
Re: mama Leon's
February 13, 2010 07:20PM
We have lost our cookbook....We need the recipe for Mama Leon's red onion soup.

Does anyone have this wonderful recipe???????

I wanted to cook this for valentines day.
Re: mamma leone's
March 01, 2010 07:19PM
if anyone is interested I have her cook book from thhe 50's
Re: mamma leone's
March 29, 2010 04:19PM
Did you ever find the recipe for the pink shrimp sauce? I too have wonderful memories of that dish and would like to make it.
Re: mamma leone's
April 01, 2010 02:25PM
Mamma Leone's is now re-opening in the old Tavern on the Green space in Central Park.
Re: mamma leone's
April 04, 2010 02:41PM
April fools winking smiley
Just to be clear… everything in yesterday's MUG was bogus. Specifically:

Mamma Leone's is not taking over Tavern on the Green.

Citibank CEO Vikram Pandit has not written a book called Service This!

Staten Island has not been demoted from borough to protectorate.

Frank Gehry has not designed two new levels over the High Line.

Nicolai Ouroussoff does not do a weekly tribute to Mr. Gehry (at least not at the Times Center).

The Roundabout is not producing a season that would revive current Broadway shows.

Judith Miller is not having a sample sale of her notes on WMDs.

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