Doorman Christmas gifts

Posted by michellekjohnson 
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 28, 2011 08:30PM
Thank you Sid!

I forgot to mention that I will only be living in this building for 5 more months. Obviously, I'm a renter and thought it was outrageous to tip a total of 9 men
$50-$100 each, given that I don't bring home a huge salary. I'm an educator. I wish I could have tipped more, because I do appreciate my doormen, handy men and porter's services tremendously. They are all wonderful. The super, other than the day when he welcomed me to the building with a hand shake, I have never really dealt with, which is why I decided to tip him the same amount as the doormen. He's also a very nice men.

So, my apologies to all the wonderful doormen if I came across as cheap, but I tipped what I thought would be okay.
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
November 04, 2015 03:19PM

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