Doorman Christmas gifts

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Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 21, 2010 02:43PM
We are in a co-op with 139 apts with 12 staff members including the Super. Once my husband was on our Board and told me that all the staff is on the same pay guide which a few years ago had a Max. of $44,000 a year except for the Super who is paid more - The only people who help are the doormen and I have not needed help from the rest of the staff, since my husband is handy. Therefore, I give the Super $100, the 3 doormen $60 dollars a person. Everyone else got $45 this year. Each year, I raise everyone by $5. Hope this helps.
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 23, 2010 07:21AM
I am planning to give my doormen $50 ea and 100 to my Super, (same as last year) unlike Jett above who sounds like a miserable git.... I love my building, I have 4 of the best doormen ever and a fantastic super... They look after me and any guests who come to stay and work hard to make the building a friendly place to live.
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 23, 2010 08:58PM
I live in a 7 story building with about 12 flats per story.
It is not a luxury building and is the cheapest apartment building in the area.
I have 4 full-time doormen, 1 half-time doorman, super, porter and a a half-time porter.
I spoke to a neighbour and she said last year she gave super 60 bucks. She did not mention doorman tips. Girls across the hall from me said they will each give 10 bucks giftcards to starbucks to doormen and bigger amount in cash to the super. They also said someone on the 3rd foor is supposed to do the same.
I would like to give:
$25 to 2 female doormen
$20 to 2 male doormen (I never met the 5th)
$40 - super
$25 - porter

I am not a high earner and 155 bucks already feels llike a lot.
Do people think it's ok? Or is it too little?

I don't want them to stop saying hi to me and I definitely know that super can get nasty as I had arguments with him throughout the year but I don't want not to tip him at all cos I think he strangely has too much power in the building. All the doormen listen to him and are kind of afraid of him.

What do you think?
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 24, 2010 12:50AM
Can I ask... what is the obsession with having to constantly tip everyone in New York? Maybe if employers actually paid their employees fair and decent wages, then this ridiculously inconvenient practice of tipping would become obsolete.

I work in a poorly paid professional job and won't be getting a Christmas bonus this year. I don't really understand how a doorman doing their job (opening doors, accepting packages etc) means that they are automatically entitled to thousands of dollars of extra money at Christmas time. From what I've heard, doormen can (and do) pocket something in the range of $5,000 to $12,000 as a holiday bonus.

As someone who lives in NYC, but comes from a country where people of ALL professions are paid decent wages, I really just don't understand it. Pay your employees fair wages and outlaw tipping!
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 24, 2010 01:12PM
Well Ben, While your country may have had thousands of years of history, this country was forged out of the wilderness in only 400 years due to Capitalism. The process that people perform better when there is financial gain in it for them. It works for us, don't knock it.

But, Christmas gifts is a different beast. It is tradition that one gives gifts to friends and family this time of year. I know my building staff by name and they know me by name. They work in my home. The $40 to $80 I give them is what I'd spend if I was going to get them a sweater or bottles of booze (without the hassle of shopping). It makes me feel good giving it and they have always seemed appreciative for it.

Merry Christmas everybody!
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 28, 2010 02:40PM
If you're in a Manhattan Apartment, expect to spend 30-50% of your monthly maintenance payment on the holiday tips to building staff. Yes, it's a lot of money and you may need to budget for it. I probably give at the lower end, but the building has 13 on staff (10 full-time), I live in a studio and I don't really want to pay more than $400 for this. I would say that you pretty much need to give at least $250, though, unless you lost your job or something.
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 08, 2011 11:17AM
I recently came across the Ask a New Yorker, and thought your readers would be interested in our "Tips on Holiday Tipping" infographic. []

The graphic breaks down the average tips for a doorman, concierge, housekeeper, etc. There’s also a fun comparison of tipping in 1911 vs 2011. And a look at some of the stranger gifts doormen have received for the holidays.

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Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 16, 2011 11:38PM
Ok. I have a dilemma. Everyone's post was very informational but my thing is:
I just moved in to the building 1 month ago (50 stories 17 apt per floor) Midtown Manhattan.
There are 16 people for the front desk/concierge
10 people as porter/engineers
6 people as handymen/tech

I haven't called any of the tech since I moved in. The porter and concierge people are very friendly and they do remember me by name.
I'm barely at the building since I travel a lot.
I came from FL where I used to live in a house. So all this is new to me and don't have a clue on how much to give as holiday tip (plus so many people)

Any help please!! thanks in advanced.
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 18, 2011 12:26PM
Yikes, 32 people! you'll go broke.
Have you asked your neighbors what they do?
You obviously can't be expected to give 32 people a cash gift.
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 18, 2011 04:28PM
this topic was being discussed on the news today...they say give something to those people who you see regularly, and give between $10 and $100 to those people (a big range, isn't it?).
They also recommended starbucks giftcards for these people, esp. the ones you don't have so much to do with.
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 24, 2011 02:57AM
I feel terrible, but I tipped my
5 doormen $30 each, with the exception
Of one who had helped me put my bags in my
My car once. I gave him $40. I also tipped the
Handy men and the sup the same amount$30.
I've only been in this building for
Five months. Was this incredibly cheap?
What can I do now, how can I give them
Something else after reading that $50
Is the norm?
Re: Doorman Christmas gifts
December 25, 2011 12:44AM
I dont understand this rule $75-$100 for doormen/frontmen; 150-200 for Supers!! WTF!. I think you have to base it on your building, what services you demand of them, how nice they are etc.. I live in a building with 300 apartments, if everyone tips a doorman $100, that's each doorman making $30,000 as a christmas bonus!!!! and $45,000 - $60,000 for the super!! I dont know about the rest of you but I think thats insane.. thats more than their salaries.

Now, if you say they should get $5000-$6000 as a christmas bonus thats 10%-15% of the salaries thats fair... so do the math.. for me with 300 apartments that works out to a $15-$20 a person.

I think that very few people are honest about what they really tip!! Enough with the $100 BS! ... BTW

Cely - you are fine!!!

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