Please let me know if the Brooklyn area around Maimonides Medical Center safe?
I am coming there to start my medical residency.


The main campus at 48th Street and 9th Avenue in Brooklyn? It's not bad. A little gritty and dull, but fine. You're about 4 blocks from a D train stop. There's good Chinese food on 8th Avenue.
Thanks man.

Is there any cheap and safe hostel/hotel nearby where I can stay for initial one or two days?

There are no hostels in that area, Around there, your best bet is the Park House:


It's an inexpensive (for New York; $110) hotel catering primarily to Orthodox Jews visiting the nearby community in Borough Park, and it's four blocks from your hospital.
Once you settle, you can live in Bensonhurst, which is a decent area of Brooklyn that is a short ride by subway (D train) from Maimonides. It's mostly Italian/Russian/Asian. The area is concentrated around 86th Street between 18th Avenue and Bay Parkway. There is a lot of new condo construction in the area, many new shops are opening - it's booming.

appreciate your inputs!!
Is Kansas city is safe? Am applying for a clerkship over Kansas medical center

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