Plus size shops in NYC?

Posted by Screensiren 
Plus size shops in NYC?
July 25, 2005 04:10PM
Hi Folks,

I'm going to be going to New York next week and was looking for some recommendations for plus sized (14+) women's shops in Manhattan.
I only have one day to go shopping, and so I need to restrict myself to Manhattan (i.e no nice trips out to Woodbury Common ;-)

I would be most appreciative for some advice on where to get an outfit suitable for a summer wedding!

I look forward to your responses.
Many thanks in advance,
SS x
Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
July 25, 2005 04:22PM
Best selections are at the big department stores. Regular sizes go up to 16, for larger sizes look in the Women's Dept. My favorite is Lord & Taylor, on 5th Ave. at 39th St.

All the big stores have women's departments -- Macy's, Bloomingdale's, etc. Even discount stores like Loehmann's, Filene's and Daffy's.
Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
July 25, 2005 06:26PM
You spend most of your time running and dieting, and just go a regular-sized shop afterwards.
Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
July 25, 2005 06:59PM
Talbot's is a favorite. Some of their stores have plus size only, including petite plus. TJMaxx is also good, I think there is one near Union Square.
Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
July 25, 2005 11:11PM
The TJMaxx you are thinking of is on 6th Ave around 18th Street in the same building as Bed Bath and Beyond and there is a Filene's there as well. There is also a Filenes nearby in Union Square. I think there are a couple of stores for larger sizes near the ESB and Macys on 34th Street between 5th and 6th Aves.
Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
July 26, 2005 08:39AM

Betoracle, Salsa and Marea - thank you so much for your helpful advice, it is greatly appreciated.

SS xx

I plan to visit Woodbury Common on Monday May 26th. I would like to know if there are any plus sized shops there? Thanks.
Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
June 18, 2008 12:15AM
Check out Monif C. Plus Sizes,, the address is on the site, but I believe it's on 38th Street.
Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
March 22, 2009 09:35PM
Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
May 26, 2009 04:32AM
I appreciate the dry humour (re go running and diet)... but that was still a little mean.

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Re: Plus size shops in NYC?
June 22, 2009 07:18PM

I think you will enjoy reading an article published in the New York Times on Thursday June 18. You can find it by a Google search of the title, "Fashion First, Whatever the Size".

i am going to woodbury common on the 27Th October please can anyone tell me the names of the plus size shops at the outlet center

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