Safe areas of Manhattan

Posted by daveman 
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
December 28, 2010 02:31PM
First two fine places to live never been to Jeffereson Heights.
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
February 10, 2011 02:26AM
can anyone tell me about 120 and lexington in east harlem THX
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
April 08, 2011 02:52AM
What are safe areas to live near Columbia university?
Are there any?

"What are safe areas to live near Columbia university?
Are there any?"

Yes. Stick close to Broadway and don't walk up higher than 125th street. That's where you will start to notice some angry brothers with baggy pants and a really sour attitude.
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
August 10, 2011 05:08PM
Hi, i am an 18 year old highschool graduate who lives in a small town in Florida. I'm ready for something new and i have always wanted to live in New York City, of course i'd love something safe and affordable. I will have two roomates and we are willing to settle for a 2 bedroom apt. I want to go to a community college but i have been told that i have to be a resident of New York for one year to get financial aid so i might just take a year off and get two jobs, i have experience waiting tables so that would be my first option for a job. I have heard that Manhattan is the safest part to live in but very expensive, Am i dreaming or is this possible? My two other roomates and i are not wanting to spend more than 500 a month on rent each. I've also heard good things about Brooklyn.
Any Advice? Anything is helpful
THanks so much smiling smiley
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
September 20, 2011 08:42AM
Queens and Brooklyn both have their share of safe places, and will be more affordable than Manhattan. I have a friend who lives with 4 others in Astoria, which is a nice neighborhood, and pays about 500 for his own room. Another area to look would be across the river in New Jersey, where you might be able to find something cheaper and still be able to get to Manhattan via the PATH rail. You could try Hoboken or Jersey City.

As far as Manhattan goes, 500 each would take some searching. From my experience, you would probably have to go north of 80th Street on the East or West side, and close to the water (further from the subways). Even then, you might have trouble finding something that low in Manhattan. If you are willing to split a room, you might be able to do it a bit easier. A good place to check is Craigslist, which has lots of apartment listings all over NYC. Things you should consider sacrificing to get to that price range are proximity to subways, proximity to Midtown, elevator service ("walk-up" buildings will always be cheaper), size, and how new the place is.

Hope that helps some.
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
October 24, 2011 04:32PM
Someoen told me that anything below 100th in Manhattan is safe. What about columbia medical center- 3959 Broadway and 168th. Not anything above that?

Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
February 05, 2012 12:28AM
Is the area between 7th Avenue and 117th Street okay?
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
February 13, 2012 06:12AM
I've been living in NYC for quite some years now. I'm a college student living with my family, and usually goes out at night till dawn. My parents have recently brought up the idea of moving to east harlem, specifically 102nd. Now, I am deadly afraid of upper manhattan (harlem, washington heights, etc) due to all the things shown on the news. However, I don't know if I should give the neighborhood a chance.
I've read good as well as scary things about east harlem.
Should I be concerned?
I'll only speak for flushing.
Really nice and safe! I've been living here for about 5 years and love it, you can walk at night and even after midnight alone, or wait for buses and be safe. It's always been safe for me and I am a 20y.o woman.
cons: long commute to the city :/
I will be working in Lincoln Medical Centre in Bronx,234 east 149th street....i am seeking a rental apartment in the range $1000 to 1800$ in a safe neighborhood in upper Manhattan....I will be working as a resident doctor and will be living with my wife....Please suggest me some safe and affordable apartments closer to my hospital..
Re: Safe areas of Manhattan
April 24, 2012 04:09PM
Hello, my 17-year old daughter and I will be moving to NYC for 2 months this summer (for her school/auditions). We would like safe and not terribly expensive ($2000 or less if possible) apartment in Manhattan. We would prefer Manhattan so we can do a lot of the touristy stuff as well. Would look at Brooklyn or Queens as well, bbut still prefer Manhattan. What areas of Manhattan do we need to avoid and what would be preferred? I had seen a few nice looking apartments in Washington Heights, but after seeing some of the later posts on this site, I am a little worried about that area. I would really appreciate any advice on where to look. Thanks so much for your replies!!

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